Twitter Reactions To Pat McGrath's Blue Eyeshadow At Anna Sui Prove This New Shade Will Be A Hit

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pat McGrath knows how to drum up excitement around a new product. Whether it's giving models golden makeovers in Paris or having Naomi Campbell rock a glittery lip on Instagram, McGrath can build hype around some makeup. For her newest product launch, Pat McGrath's blue eyeshadow made its debut on the runway for Anna Sui, on the eyelids of supermodels no less.

Anna Sui's Fall 2017 New York Fashion Week show's runway was filled with models rocking cobalt blue eyes and burgundy lips, and at first, everyone thought McGrath was just doing a spectacular job at her makeup artist duties. It wasn't until later, when McGrath shared three different Boomerang videos on Instagram, that the world realized she might be releasing her very own Pat McGrath blue eyeshadow.

McGrath gave the world a sneak peek of her newest unconfirmed project on Instagram, captioning her video "DIVINE DECADENCE backstage at @officialannasui ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Coming Soon from Pat McGrath Labs..... #StayTuned #makeupbypatmcgrath #NYFW"

And while she doesn't explicitly say that blue eyeshadow is her next product launch, it is definitely inferred, especially since Gigi Hadid is shown only wearing the blue eyeshadow, not the burgundy lip. Which basically means that McGrath is for sure releasing a blue eyeshadow in the near future.

Naturally, makeup enthusiasts got pretty excited about this news, taking to Twitter to declare their love for Pat McGrath and all of her creations.

Based on her past products' track record, it's safe to assume this blue eyeshadow will be amazing.

Even hesitant fans are falling for the idea of blue eyeshadow.

Because sometimes we just have to admit that McGrath knows best.

And hope to god we can get our hands on her newest launch.

Be sure to keep an eye on McGrath's social platforms, because I'm willing to bet she officially announce the release on Instagram sometime soon.