You Can Get Twix Bar-Coated Popcorn Now

Courtesy of Sam's Club

Now that Halloween is over, allow me to step over its barely filled-in grave to usher in the indisputably most delicious time of the year, when the candy gets decadent and our mouths get decidedly bigger than our wallets. Kicking off this holiday season is the new Candy Pop Twix Popcorn, which just exclusively hit Sam's Club shelves on Nov. 1. The popcorn is coated with legitimate Twix bar chocolate and drizzled with chocolate and caramel, and according to Sam's Club, they are just the beginning of the popcorn bounty that's about to hit shelves.

This particular bounty, however, will run you $5.98 for a 20-ounce bag, and also save you however much time you spend switching your hand between your tub of popcorn and your Twix bar at the movie theater. A bargain of both money and linear time. Twix shared the news on its Facebook page, and has already earned a myriad of comments from Twix fans, including my personal favorite: "the perfect popcorn doesn't ex..." Well, apparently now it does, and is in fact here just in time to save us from our Cats the movie-related sins (in that I will definitely be taking an entire 20-ounce bag of this into the theater Christmas Day, because I feel in my heart that both Taylor Swift would support it and that the situation demands it).

If you're still hungry for Twix-related things, there's even more good news for your mouth. The company announced in August that Cookies & Creme Twix are on the way, and will be hitting shelves in January 2020. The bar "features chocolate cookie bars, an all-new, soft-creme center packed with crunchy cookie bits, all while covered in creamy milk chocolate," according to its description, which essentially means that Oreo and Twix are going to be the reigning power couple of 2020 once Twix and popcorn ride out their beautiful dalliance of 2019.

Speaking of popcorn, this isn't the first time Sam's Club has carried a crossover with a nostalgic fave. Earlier in 2019, the brand carried a Butterfinger Popcorn in similar 20-ounce bags, coated in Butterfinger and drizzled with peanut butter. Per Sam's Club, other popcorn crossovers are on the way, which means two things: One, that we may be flying perilously close to the sun in terms of our sweet-and-salty snack combos. Two, your Twix Popcorn will likely get dethroned by whichever comes next, so we'd better stock up on it now. Catch you in the fourth row of Cats, shoveling this into your body to try and absorb the sin of wondering why you are, against your will, attracted to Idris Elba with a tail. Happy holidays, y'all.