Tyler C. Knows Exactly What Kind Of Woman Matt James Should Date On 'The Bachelor'

Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Tyler Cameron and Matt James have been best friends since college, so naturally, the former Bachelorette contestant has strong feelings about the kind of woman his buddy should end up with. During a joint interview on the June 29 episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! Tyler C. described Matt James' perfect match ahead of his Bachelor season, and revealed the kind of woman he hopes wins his best friend's heart.

The pair — who have been quarantined together in Tyler's childhood home in Jupiter, Florida — opened up about potential contestants for Matt's season while talking with host Chris Harrison. "I think what you're going to look for is someone who kind of resembles his mother," Tyler said of his best friend's ideal partner. "His mother is one of the sweetest ladies, very loving, caring, compassionate, ready to serve others, help out in the community."

He continued by explaining that he hopes Matt will find "someone who is ready to get on the ground with Matt and change the world, because that's what Matt is going to do. Matt's going to change the world. And [he needs] someone that's going to take on that challenge with him."

Tyler isn't the only one who has strong feelings about Matt potentially finding the love of his life on The Bachelor. "I think the grandkid counter for my mom started when that announcement was made," Matt revealed, adding that his mother wants enough grandchildren to make "a basketball team. She wants a minivan [full]."

Both Tyler and Matt have talked about their close relationships with their mothers — and with each other's mothers — in the past. In fact, shortly after Matt was announced as the new Bachelor, he told Entertainment Tonight that it was actually Tyler's late mother, Andrea, who originally nominated him to be a contestant on Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette. "[Andrea] would be happy to know that I followed through with it," Matt said at the time.

"She had nominated me and I think she saw everything that it did for Tyler and the way that he had changed as a man, and me being his roommate and being one of her sons, I think that she wanted something like that for myself," he continued. "So, I wanted to see it [through] for her and just to see if I would be compatible with Clare." (ABC hasn't officially announced whether or not Matt will still appear on Clare's season, but it seems unlikely.)

Now, as the franchise's first Black Bachelor, Matt is hoping to make both his and Tyler's mothers proud during his time on the show. "It's an honor. I'm going to lean into myself and how my mom raised me," he told ET in June. "And hopefully when people invite me into their homes Monday night, they see that I'm not different from them and that diverse love stories are beautiful." As for what he's looking for in his dream woman? "I'm hoping that when that limo pulls up, there's a lot of diversity and I see every type of woman," Matt said.