7 Reasons Tyler C. Absolutely Needs To Be The Next Bachelor

ABC/Mark Bourdillon

If you've paid even a tiny bit of attention to The Bachelorette this season, you know that Tyler C. is someone to watch. The contractor from Jupiter, Florida hasn't just swept Hannah off her feet — he's also successfully wooed just about every other Bachelorette fan out there. If Hannah doesn't choose him, there are plenty of reasons why Tyler C. should be the next Bachelor, and at this point, he honestly seems like the obvious choice.

Last week was pretty difficult for Bachelorette viewers — not only did Luke P. somehow escape elimination (again), but also, fan favorites like Mike and Garrett were sent home. Thankfully, though, Tyler C. is still a contender, and Hannah seems just as smitten with him as ever. People are rooting for him to nab her final rose, but hopefully if he doesn't, it won't be the last we see of him.

Hometowns are almost upon us, which means things are getting really serious — this is the part of the competition where even the most seemingly solid contestants can get sent home unexpectedly. And so, in preparation for heartbreak, here are all of the reasons Tyler C. should be the next Bachelor if that ends up being the case for him.

He's Not Looking For Someone To Save

This tweet pretty much sums up the difference between Tyler C. and some of the other men who've appeared on The Bachelorette: he's all about appreciating a strong woman and letting her soar all on her own, rather than assuming she needs someone to lift her up.

He's Willing To Try New Things

He might have gagged when he tried that pickled fish on he and Hannah's Netherlands date, but hey, at least he tried it! Tyler has never hesitated to get onboard with whatever Hannah's asked of him, and that kind of adventurous spirit could make him an amazing life partner.

He Isn't Trying To Control His Partner

Remember when Luke P. had a bit of a meltdown over the fact that Garrett and Hannah went on a "naked" bungee jumping date? While Luke was rambling about Hannah's "purity," Tyler C. told Luke to chill — it's her journey, and she's taking the opportunity to get all she can out of this experience, even if that involves other contestants. That's OK with Tyler, as it should have been with all the men.

He Wants Hannah To Have A Good Partner, Even If It's Not Him

Last week, when Tyler saw Peter come back into the room with a rose, he said he was happy because it meant that another "gentleman" was still in the running, and not someone who might be wrong for Hannah. The fact that Tyler can be supportive of the other contestants even though he wants to be with Hannah himself shows that he wants what's best for her, even if she decides that's not him. That kind of attitude — that it's a meaningful decision, not just a competition — is key in a Bachelor.

He Has A Sense Of Humor

If you aren't following Tyler on social media, you need to remedy that problem immediately. He's pretty much always posting memes and jokes about the show, and you don't want to miss it. Everyone needs someone they can laugh with, and he'd make the next Bachelor season all the more fun to watch.

He's Basically Something Out Of A Romance Movie

Tyler may be a little too smooth (and sometimes corny) for his own good, but it comes across like he means everything he says. Something that might sound like just a "line" coming from anyone else is downright adorable coming from him.

He Has The Fan Support

A scan through Twitter shows that almost everyone is rooting for either Mike or Tyler to be the next Bachelor. Mike is certainly a worthy choice, but either one would have the fan support to make the season a hit for producers.

Given all this, can we pretty please have Tyler C. as the next Bachelor? Producers definitely owe us one after choosing Colton last season — no offense to him, but the popular vote was more in favor or Blake or Jason. It's too soon to tell just yet, but Tyler would be about as perfect as a Bachelor can get.