Typo x Kellogg's Clothing Line Was Made For The Ultimate Cereal Lover

If there's anything that all cereal lovers know, it't that the food isn't just a breakfast food. In fact, it's more than just a food. Typo and Kellogg's created a cereal collection to prove just how fashionable cereal can be. There has been a whole lot of merch in the past years, but this one is up there with the best.

From Fruit Loop slippers to super trendy backpacks, there's something in this collection for just about everyone. The line of breakfast-inspired items includes 67 items — including an extendable spoon. Because sometimes that's the best accessory. The more wearable items include adorable mini backpacks with breakfast food embroidered on it and even slippers to get comfy in.

On top of the wearables, there's also some incredible accessories included in the line. There's iced-coffee container shaped stress balls and cell phone cases that look like Poptarts. While some centered fashion lines can get a little iffy on the fashion front, this one combines quirky and trendy perfectly.

The best part is how affordable the collection is. The Typo x Kellogg's collection ranges from $6.99 for little cereal-box shaped coin purses to $39.99 for the mini backpacks. Some items — like the oversized donut pillow — are a little more. That a little bit higher than your average box of cereal, but at least you can cherish these items for more than just a morning.

There are tons of quirky items to shop in the collection. There's a good chance that you'll end up buying more than one, after you see them all. Here's some of the best and most wearable, so you have a starting point for your shopping.

1. Breakfast Blend Mini Backpack

Mini Backpack


You can have your breakfast and wear it too. This adorable mini backpack is so trendy and tasty all in one. At first glance, it looks like you average accessory, but the tiny little banana, milk, and strawberry make for a little surprise. Not to mention is goes with almost any outfit.

2. Holographic Cooler

Premier Cooler Lunch Pack


There's nothing better to carry around your lunch — which likely has some breakfast items in it — than this adorable lunch box. It's the perfect way to feel like a kid again and save a little money by packing your lunch. Bonus points that it makes for a good Instagram pic.

3. Coco Pops Coin Purse

Campus Coin Purse


Complete with the Kellogg's zipper accessory, you can hold all of your change. Or, you know, your lipstick for a touch-up for after you eat your cereal.

4. Cereal Socks

Mens Novelty Socks


These might be branded for men, but this message resonates for everyone. You can share your opinions on breakfast food with everyone as you walk down the street. Because there's nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to eating breakfast foods at all times of the day.

5. Strawberry Slippers

Novelty Slippers


Cereal is great and all, but sometimes you need to celebrate the toppings too. There's nothing better than putting some fresh fruits on your breakfast. Except, you know, wearing them on your feet instead.

6. Fruit Loops Phone Case

Shake It Phone Case


If there's anything better than having Fruit Loops on your bowl, it's having them on top of a sparkly background that you can carry everywhere. Between the neon colors and the shimmer, you really can't go wrong with this accessory.

7. Poptarts Mug

Novelty Shaped Mug


You can truly embrace breakfast time at all points in the day by sipping your beverage out of the Poptarts mug. It's the second best thing to eating one.

8. Glitter Fruit Case

Clear It Pencil Case


Whether you're carrying around an extra spoon or a handful of change for the vending machines, this case is equally as adorable.

9. Caffeinated Coffee Cup

Reuse Me Coffee Cup


Between the millennial pink color and the true AF statement on it, you really can't go wrong with this mug.

There's truly no better way to embrace your love of breakfast.