Tyra Banks REALLY Wants Lindsay Lohan To Join 'Life-Size 2'


Life-Size 2 is happening. That much we know for sure. The release date for the film is still TBD, but in the meantime, Tyra Banks decided to spill some new details — and Banks says Lindsay Lohan's role in Life-Size 2 could end up being pretty major.

In an interview posted on April 9, Banks spoke to Buzzfeed about all things Life-Size 2, and revealed that she and Lohan have been keeping in touch about the film by sliding into each other's Instagram DMs. When Buzzfeed's reporter asked Banks if she and Lohan still talk, Banks replied, "Lindsay slides into those DMs. Mhmm, I be seeing you girl. I slid into hers first, to be honest."

Banks said that after she told Lohan she'd be producing the Freeform sequel to Disney's Life-Size, Lohan said that she was "down to the down" to reprise her role as Casey. "Like, she's so down!" Banks said.

"So, we're working on the script now and I'm telling the writer I don't want her to just have a cameo," she continued. "I feel like [Lohan] was just as important to Life-Size 1 as I was, so I want her to have a role, at least three or four scenes. I think she would play herself grown up — like, Casey in Life-Size grown up. So, we'll see!"

Lohan, for her part, hasn't commented on her rumored involvement in Life-Size 2 yet. She did, however, tweet something sweet to Banks in 2017 that got some fans excited about a potential reunion between the two former Life-Size co-stars.

The original Life-Size film came out in 2000, and Lohan played Casey — a little girl who, while struggling with the recent death of her mother, accidentally transforms her favorite Barbie-like doll, Eve (Banks), into a real-life human being. Eve supports Casey as she learns how to be happy again. And years later, Casey — I mean, Lohan — returned the fictional favor by supporting Eve — I mean, Banks — in her very real nomination for Choice TV Personality at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

So, we definitely know that the two have stayed in touch (on social media, at least), but there's yet to be any sort of official announcement regarding Lohan's participation in Life-Size 2. Banks is totally doing her part in trying to get the star to sign on, though. During an April 2017 interview with E!, Banks made a public plea to Lohan, basically begging her to commit.

"I would love for Lindsay to do something," Banks told E! News. "Like, Lindsay, the last time I saw you was, I don't know how many years ago—Every time I see her she gives me a hug like it was back in the day, like she's 10-years-old again — I would love for you to come back and do something for Life-Size, will you? Will you?"

Look: Lohan has got to do this. First of all, fans need to see Casey all grown up. Second, her participation is crucial for the reprise of "Be A Star." Banks admitted to Buzzfeed that she definitely wants to remix the film's original track for the sequel, and it just so happens that she's already got a music producer in mind — and she made a not-so-subtle public plea to him, too.Banks told Buzzfeed,

"I am on the search for a high-level producer. DJ Khaled...that will remix or redo the "Be A Star" song...DJ Khaled...and I'm hoping whoever this producer is...DJ Khaled...would just come and make it a club banger where you just wanna 'Shoop' — I cannot do that dance – 'Shoop' till you drop. So, that's what I'm looking for."

DJ Khaled: Do you copy? Lohan: Give the fans what they want, girl! And Banks: Well, you're doing amazing, sweetie. And feel free to keep us updated until the Life-Size 2 release date drops.