There Will Soon Be Another 'Ultimate Beastmaster'


If you have a taste for shows that feature regular people taking on obstacle courses meant to challenge the limits of the human body, chances are you were excited by the premiere of Ultimate Beastmaster. From Nickelodeon Guts to American Ninja Warrior, television has always had programming dedicated to inspiring the next generation of athletes. Those who missed out on its debut season are likely hoping that Ultimate Beastmaster will return for Season 2 for another shot at glory.

The 10-episode first season features competitors from around the globe seeking to tame the obstacle course known as "The Beast." A 10-episode season is a pretty easy marathon, however, so fans of competition should be happy to hear that Ultimate Beastmaster appears to be returning for Season 2. While the second season doesn't currently have a premiere date, producer David Broome told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month that it had already been shot. "That just doesn't happen in our industry," he said. "This is the beauty of Netflix."

Additionally, the casting application process is currently closed for Season 2 on the official website. However, all of the requirements for potential applicants are still available, making it easy to prepare should you be interested in applying for a future season.

The rules of the competition seem pretty standard: If you beat the obstacle course, you win. However, this obstacle course happens to feature some of the most devious trickery ever placed into one. Only competitors at the peak of the human physical condition will be able to finish the course, but anyone is welcome to apply. The casting website asks that you be over the age of 18, be legally able to be in the United States for the duration of the competition, and have a valid passport to compete.

More importantly than any of that, the casting site also encourages applicants to "be in excellent physical and mental health." To test possible applicants physical shape, the casting site includes sample physical tests that "you will need to, at the very minimum, be able to conquer [to compete]." These tests include a test of your core, your endurance, and your strength. The site also features a strict custom workout regimen which will help Beastmaster hopefuls get in shape, so that they can one day lay claim to the title of "Ultimate Beastmaster."

Competing in Ultimate Beastmaster is meant for those who have dedicated their lives to exercise and being able to tackle any obstacles, man-made or otherwise, that life throws at them. Even if you're not competing, the international competition is still a joy to watch and creates a sense of national pride when someone representing your country actually manages to make it past an especially difficult obstacle, so everyone can get in on the fun and suspense.

Despite the closed casting and Broome's interview, Season 2 of Ultimate Beastmaster is still shrouded in mystery. But if Season 1 proves that Beastmaster is the next next Ninja Warrior, there will likely be even more seasons to come.