These Unicorn Egg Molds Are About To Make Your Breakfast Magical As Heck


When is the last time you made yourself breakfast? Not grabbing a coffee and bagel as you run out the front door on the way to work, but really put some time and thought into it? If the answer isn't last weekend, it is time to treat yourself. Here's the plan: start getting your ingredients this week and get your tools in order. You're going to block out a Saturday morning and make a big, bountiful breakfast fit for royalty — starting with a bit more magic, using Unicorn Egg Molds. Why have a regular round egg on toast when you could make is shaped like a magical steed?

Egg molds are often marketed to parents of young kids, but who is going to appreciate a unicorn-shaped one more than an independent grownass adult? Nobody— that's who. Per the FIREBOX description, "The Unicorn Egg Mo[u]ld ... is in fact a cheeky new kitchen gadget that lets you create your very own fantasy fry-up." You don't even need to be a master chef to use it.

Here's how it works: First, place the oven-safe unicorn silicon mold in the pan. Then, pour your raw eggs into its "perfectly spherical eye sockets." Finally, let the magic happen. The resulting egg is a majestic breakfast dish. Egg whites become the face, and yolks become the eyes. It's beautiful. It's delicious. It is slightly unnerving. It is unicorn eggs. Since the molds are oven-safe, you can also bake your eggs if you prefer those to sunny side up.

The Unicorn Egg Molds are but one of a countless unicorn products carried by FIREBOX. In fact, thanks to the London-based online retailer, creating an entire unicorn-themed feast wouldn't be much of a challenge at all. Under the "Gifts" tab on the front page, there is a whole category devoted to the fantastical horned beasts.

There are unicorn goodies for every budget and every recipient on your list. For the friend who loves novelty food, opt for the Magical Unicorn Energy Drink. The wild berry-flavored sip is made with caffeine and taurine for maximum power, and is a beautiful blue hue. It's formally called Lady Corn, and the can is just about the cutest design you've ever seen on something aluminum and disposable. Just put it next to an ice pack in a stocking and it'll be good to go.


If you're looking for an absolutely show-stopping unicorn gift, look for further than the Giant Unicorn Sprinkler. Modeled like many of the inflatable pool floats that brook the internet over the summer, the Giant Unicorn Sprinkler stands a whopping six feet tall.

You can sit beneath a stream of water flowing from the horn of this majestic beast. With eyes closed, she maintains a calm demeanor as she saves whoever surrounds her from the heat of the day. Pastel-colored wisps of hair are painted on to create her mane and tail., and her horn is sparkly silver. The only downside is this is not the most ideal stocking stuffer.

Unicorn Egg Molds, on the other hand, will always be in style — so get crackin'.