This Unicorn Foam Topping On Amazon Will Make All Of Your Drinks Magical

by Brittany Bennett

You didn't ask for it — because you probably didn't know that you could — but Unicorn Foam Topping exists, and you'll want to put it on all of your drinks. Jordan's Gourmet Syrups has come out with its Unicorn Dreams foam flavor, and it is fit for just about any beverage you could pour. The foam is available on Amazon, and a 16-ounce bottle retails for $9. As for what it tastes like? Don't get this foam dispenser confused with soap. It'll add a fruity burst of sweet and sour blue raspberry to whatever is in your cup. Equipped with the Unicorn Dreams foam flavor, you can be your own barista, except with a whole lot more magic to boot.

Per the product description on Amazon, you can appropriately top your coffee, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, dessert and even oatmeal with the blue raspberry unicorn flavor. The descriptor adds "or just about anything," so don't be shy. Pump a few foam pumps on your fruit salad and call it a dressing. I guess you can say that this foam is pretty ~magical~ but would you expect anything less from something unicorn-related?

In case you haven't been keeping up with themed foods in the last few years, unicorns are taking over. But, really, were they ever not on our radar? With unicorns comes glitter, sparkle, rainbows, and pure joy. And it seems we will demand these mystical, fictional creatures into reality by way of anything that is edible, as evidenced by the below.

Jordan's Gourmet Syrups, Unicorn Dreams

The whipped foam topping for your cocktails, champagne, seltzer, lemonade — you name it — isn't the only way that you can enjoy ingest unicorn vibes. The grocery store, it turns out, is stocked with colorful products that glitter and delight the palate. Whether it's ice cream, morsels, or cereal, the unicorn trend has most likely graced it. And, likewise, graced your plate. I urge you to not back down from the unicorn trend, and instead go full throttle into the magic of it. Topping the products below with your newly acquired foam.

Great Value Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream

Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream in a cone? Yes, please and thank you. The Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream from Walmart is a multicolored masterpiece. According to the description on Walmart's website it tastes like cake with swirls of purple frosting, and really, need I say more? It will also calm your animal friendly hearts to know that the churned product "does not contain real unicorns." Phew. Someone please pass me a spoon!

Nestle Toll House Unicorn Baking Morsels

Chocolate chip cookies just got more fantastical. In your next batch of cookies or pancakes, or whatever begs to have morsels mixed in, try the brighter Unicorn Baking Morsels. They'll surely brighten up any treat you whip up.

Kraft Unicorn Shapes Macaroni & Cheese

Unicorn-related food doesn't have to only be sweet just because unicorns sparkle and have a bright, multi colored rainbow hue. You can also eat unicorns for dinner. In the form of Mac & Cheese, of course. The Unicorn Shapes Mac & Cheese features pasta that's star, rainbow and unicorn shaped. The cheese sauce is still orange but that's to be expected. Would a multicolored, glittery cheese sauce even work?

Anything food item that's unicorn related, whether it glitters or not, is sure to sparkle in your stomach. And by the looks of it, your entire pantry can be packed with all things magic from Mac & Cheese to Unicorn Dreams Foam. There's no shame in changing your diet to all things unicorn.