You Can Buy Kraft Mac & Cheese In UNICORN Shapes

Target, remixed by Bustle

Just the sight of a Kraft Macaroni and Cheese box is enough to send lightning bolts of nostalgia coursing through many a millennial's veins, but this is something even more incredible. Taking that classic mac and cheese and keeping it, dare I say, on trend, Kraft has released Unicorn Shapes Macaroni and Cheese. All of that traditional goodness wrapped into whimsical and delicious shapes — it's almost too much to imagine.

What shapes constitute unicorn shapes? Rainbows, stars, and of course, unicorn heads complete with horns are all there to be devoured in their cheesy goodness. Not only that, the box departs from the classic blue Kraft Mac n" Cheese design, instead featuring a rainbow-tastic background with clouds, stars, and of course, a unicorn. They know what you want — and what you want is cheese combined with mythical creatures, obviously. It's simple, it's straightforward, and it works.

You can find a box nationwide, with big names like Target and Walmart carrying them — though at the time of writing, they're slightly cheaper online at Target, coming in at $1.29 compared to $1.48 online at Walmart. It may seem like a small difference but if you, like me, are planning on buying 500 boxes, then it really adds up.

As far as eating these bad boys, it's similar to the mac you know and love. Boil the pasta, make the cheese sauce with some butter and milk, and you're good to go. (Bonus tip: My sister-in-law makes it with all butter and no milk. Just keeping adding butter until it's the right consistency. It's glorious. Obscene, but glorious.)

Really, I never need a reason to eat mac and cheese — any shape, any cheese, any quantity and I'm there. It is, after all, the perfect food — even according to science, which found it has the ideal fat and carb combination for ultimate satisfaction. But let's be honest, we don't need science to tell us what our hearts already know — what they know on a basic, almost instinctive level.

So though I don't need a reason to eat mac and cheese, I'll always welcome a new variety to try. If you just can't get enough, you can go big — bigger than big — and invest in Costco's tub of mac and cheese, which weights 27 pounds and will las you 20 years. It costs $90 and will give you a whopping 180 servings. Fifty cents a piece? I can get on board with that.

With that much in store, you should even be ready for Mac and Cheese Day — a real thing that rolls around in July. Some people celebrate Christmas, some people go big for birthdays, and some of us eat 27 pounds of mac and cheese for Mac and Cheese Day — I'm not going to tell you how to live your life and you don't need to tell me how to live mine. Capeesh?

There are plenty of different ways to get one of your five a day (of mac and cheese) — and adding unicorns into the mix certainly gives you an even big range to choose from. No matter what the shape, Kraft Mac and Cheese knows how to deliver that warm and fuzzy feeling, so let's welcome this new shape into the mac and cheese family. We're a happy, buttery people.