Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream Exists & It Is Straight Up Stuffed With Cake Frosting


Sometimes the stars align for a special, next-level product ready to bring your tastebuds a whole new experience and maybe even define your summer. A treat that's immediately a winner, an icon, an inspiration. And one product that definitely has made a startling, inspirational debut is Walmart's Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream. Yup, in a moment that combines peak unicorn with peak deliciousness, Walmart's own brand, Great Value, has released a unicorn-themed ice cream that's just as magical as it sounds. Welcome, Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream — long may you reign.

What flavor is, um, a unicorn's sparkle? According to Walmart, unicorns' sparkles taste like cake. That's right, we're dealing with cake-flavored ice cream aka the most powerful ice cream flavor on the planet (sorry, cookie dough). The description reads "cake-flavored ice cream with a magical purple frosting swirl and candy confetti pieces" and each of those words makes me ever so happy. The cake and ice cream combination is one that is woefully neglected after childhood. It works so well, but after children's birthday parties we kind of forget about it. And yet this ice cream brings together cake, ice cream, and a frosting swirl all in one place? That's true magnificence. And, of course, it's unicorn-esque nature means that this ice cream is swirled, colorful, and perfectly ready for the 'gram.

Not only that, the ice cream is a real bargain. Delish reports that you can get a whopping 48-ounce tub for just $2.97. Under three bucks to make your dreams come true? You're WELCOME. Girl's night, nephew's birthday party, BBQ, high school reunion, your own damn wedding, your parent's divorce — there is no event that can't be improved with a little magical unicorn ice cream. It's here to make your life better, in every way.

As summer approaches, it's always an exciting time in the ice cream world. While there's something especially magical about unicorns, there are also amazing flavor combinations in the non-mythical sphere. New Ben & Jerry's flavors have finally made an appearance at Walmart just in time for the summer (Ice Cream Sammie, anyone?) and ice cream Dessert Toppers now let you make your own sundaes at home with your favorite candy. Yes, both of these are great options for a summer BBQ — or you can always go the boozy popsicle and slushie route if you really want to feel that summer sunshine. But I'm not hip or cool or planning sexy BBQs with friends — I'm a '90s kid much more interested in the fact that Nickelodeon Slime ice cream cups and bars are going to be a thing. You remember slime — the green, gooey substance that made Nickelodeon the behemoth of children's television and shaper of our youth? Yeah, you can now it in edible, ice cream form. It may not be quite as exciting as getting properly slimed and having your whole body covered in goo, but you're an adult now — so popsicles are probably a safer and less messy bet.

Summer is starting to reveal its riches to us and there's a lot to be excited about. But ice cream always has a fun, frivolous flair — so Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream has just the right magical twist to make it a summer success. And the fact that it tastes like cake and is full of frosting and confetti certainly doesn't hurt.