Unique Father's Day Gifts He'll Actually Use

When you're out shopping for Father's Day gifts, you might find yourself in a bit of a rut — not every guy likes beer, golf, and barbecue tools. Luckily, there are a bunch of unique Father's Day gifts out there that he'll actually be able to use — after all, the best gifts are often the gifts he never even knew he wanted.

It's also a good idea to go the unique route, since gifts can often get a little repetitive if he's not a new dad. While he'll always appreciate the macaroni art and "#1 Dad" mugs that he'll get from his child (since stuff like that is just adorable) it'll make his day if he opened up something that was a little out of the ordinary. Perhaps instead of a material item, he'd want an experience. Or maybe he'd like something that'd make his life a little easier that doesn't necessarily scream out "fatherhood." (Yes, he's a dad, but he's his own individual as well.) No matter what, the goal is to put a smile on his face and remind him that he's such a special part of the family.

Since Father's Day is incredibly close, here are a few good, unique, and intriguing gift ideas that you can grab for him before his big day.


A MasterClass

MasterClass, $90, MasterClass

Even if he graduated college years ago, there's still plenty that he can learn. With a MasterClass, he can learn from a true professional. The website offers informative lessons from successful celebrities like Steve Martin, Serena Williams, and Usher. If he wants to learn how to cook, it might as well be from Gordon Ramsay, right?


An Electronic Toothbrush

Goby All-Black Brush Kit, $60 with a subscription,

OK, let's be honest here. When you have a young baby, sometimes things like brushing your teeth become a chore. Time is so limited, that sometimes a swig or two of mouthwash is the best a parent can do. But obviously, getting cavities isn't something we look forward to. Stop the bad habit before it starts, with a fun and "manly" toothbrush like the All-Black Brush Kit from Goby. He might actually look forward to the brief moment he has to himself to scrub his pearly whites.


A Set Of Spices

Spices, prices vary,

If the dad in question is a cook, he may get a kick out of a set of special spices. (Try to say that three times fast.) The kit posted above is called "BBQs Of The World," and incorporates flavors from all over the world. Sounds delicious.


A Necktie Travel Roll

Necktie Travel Roll, $24, UncommonGoods

He probably doesn't even know something like this exists. If the guy in your life is big on travel, this necktie travel roll will definitely make his life a little easier — and his suitcase a little classier.


An Air Fryer

Bella 2.5L Air Fryer, $58.99, Amazon

If your guy loves fried foods, this air fryer from Bella Housewares is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds — fried foods and healthy foods. Even better, it's almost foolproof to use.


Jersey Sheets

Jersey sheets, $18, Target

Some men (not all men, but some men) don't change their bed sheets too often. Others might just have one set. And hey, there's nothing wrong with that. But you can help him out a little by gifting him these comfortable jersey sheets. Since sleep is a precious thing as a father, he may not even realize that things can get a lot more comfortable.


Inflatable Ring Toss

In the Throws of Fun Inflatable Ring Toss, $25, ModCloth

Just because it's a toy doesn't mean it necessarily belongs to your child. If the guy you're gifting is a kid at heart, he may love this inflatable ring toss game. This is an especially good way to pass time while waiting to start a "baby shift."


Flight Lessons

Flight lessons, prices vary, Cloud9Living

If you live in a major city, Cloud9Living might be the perfect website for you. The site lists a ton of fun experiences (like, flight lessons) and lists them by best price. What says "I love you" more than helicopter lessons?


Couch Bowls

Couch Bowls, $35, UncommonGoods

If the dad you're buying for has a young one at home, there might not be a lot of "sitting down to eat at a table" happening. And that's totally okay. In the meantime, he'll probably appreciate these couch bowls. Oh yes, you read that right. These were ergonomically designed to work best while sitting on a couch.



MicroMagnets, $25 (for a set of 432), Vat19

It may seem weird to gift magnets for Father's Day, but these aren't like your typical vacation fridge magnet. These micromagnets are more like clay, in that you can build with them. It's a great form of stress relief. (Just keep them away from young kids, since obviously they're quite tiny.)