Disney Couples Outfits Exist & They Actually Aren’t As Cheesy As You Think

Everyone has their own style when it comes to Valentine's Day. Some people go elegant and reserve a chi-chi restaurant a month ahead. Others like to keep it casual and catch up on their Netflix queue. Others like to spend it alone and bust out the fancy wine while they cook dinner. And then there are those that like to take it up a level, and combine their love for each other with their love for Disney. That's where Unique Vintage's “The Happiest Collection on Earth Couple's Edition" line comes in. If you have ever wanted to go out to dinner as Mickey and Minnie or catch a movie as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, then this collection is here to make all your Valentine's Day dreams come true.

"We like to call it 'The Happiest Collection on Earth' because it’s just about as close as you can get to feeling like you’re a real Disney darling," Unique Vintage wrote in their product description. "These ensembles are inspired by Disney characters you know and love."

Whether you want to give off the vibe of a modern-day Jasmine or the bookish aura of Belle or the slightly dangerous feel of Maleficent, you'll find an outfit inspired by some of your favorite character's looks. And there is a lot to choose from. As of right now there are over 252 items to shop through, meaning you can piece together the perfect couple look for you and your partner, and it comes in a full-size range, spanning both straight and plus sizes. From Mickey Mouse shaped backpacks to retro halter tops that give off a princess-in-disguise flair, there is something for everyone. Check out some of the outfits below to get you brainstorming.

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

Retro Style Lime Green Cap Sleeve Anna Swing Dress, $68, Unique Vintage | Olive Green Fitted High Waist Stretch Leggings, $22, Unique Vintage | Plus Size Retro Style Green Cotton Stretch Three-Quarter Sleeve Blouse, $48, Unique Vintage

Nothing says "Tinkerbell" like a pale green dress. While this isn't like the flouncy mini the character wears, the pleated A-line skirt still echoes the fairy's iconic frock. Also, the square neckline and cap sleeves gives it a retro touch. As for those who want to dress up as Peter Pan, you have forest green leggings available to you, as well as a collared dark green top and matching big-buckle belt (both in plus and straight sizes.)

Ariel & Eric

1950s Style Turquoise Blue Cotton Swing Skirt, $42, Unique Vintage | Retro Style Black V-Cut Cotton Halter Top, $44, Unique Vintage

Channel Ariel on land with her iconic blue dress. Sporting a bright blue swing skirt and a black retro halter top, it gives off major Disney princess vibes, especially when tied together with the white cardigan. It's exactly Ariel's off-duty color scheme. Prince Eric is even easier to pull off, where one just needs to sport a white collared shirt and dark blue jeans. The oar is optional.

A Couple Of Princes

The Lost Bro.'s Ivory Princes Charming Jersey Cotton Tee Shirt, $32, Unique Vintage

For those that don't want to take the Disney theme too literally, there are a bevvy of options that just hint towards the Magic Kingdom. Take these "Princes" shirts. If you buy matching ones, you automatically become a pair.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Genie & Lantern

1950s Style Royal Blue Cotton Swing Skirt, $42, Unique Vintage | Unique Vintage Purple & Magic Lamp Short Sleeve Unisex Tee, $32, Unique Vintage

Go on a date night adventure this weekend sporting your best Genie getup. The Genie goes for a royal blue swing skirt and powder blue cardigan, cinched together with a bold red belt. Meanwhile, for those who want to channel his trust lantern-turned-home, a purple shirt with the lantern detail does the trick.

No matter which character calls most to you, you'll be able to channel it with this magical collection.