Urban Decay’s Newest Highlighter Is Following A Huge Trend — And No, It's Not Unicorns

Whoever said disco is dead hasn't been paying attention. It's been nearly 50 years since the days of "The Hustle" and technicolor lights, but we're all still obsessed with getting that disco-ball-like glow. Enter the new Urban Decay Disco Queen Holographic Collection — and doing your best to channel Saturday Night Fever just got a whole lot easier.

The holographic collection is a series of two highlighters that will help you send your cheekbones and nose tips a shimmering. If you like to light up your face with megawatt shine, then this is the range for you. Laced with nostalgia, the brand is releasing two versions of the same highlight — one in powder form and the other in a cream stick.

The Holographic Disco Stick ($26) has a translucent-base foundation, and has a pearly pink and purple swirl, which will blend together to give your face a dreamy lavender tint. Packed with a healthy dose of pigment, the cream stick will bring a soft lilac glow to your cheekbones, adding a splash of color to your makeup look.

The second product in the launch is the Disco Queen Holographic Highlight Powder ($26) is the same product just in powder form, dusting on the same glittering lavender shade. You can use them separately for a nice glow, or Urban Decay suggests layering them on top of each other to create an in-your-face shine that would make the disco ball seem dull in comparison.

When your champagne colored and bronze highlighters are boring you, this psychadelic hue can help shake up your beauty game and bring a touch of fun into the process.

What's really amazing about the mini collection is the color payoff. It doesn't just leave behind a dusting of lavender, but a healthy dose of color. The word "subtle" wasn't on the mood board when creating these products.

On the brand's Instagram, Urban Decay wrote, "We're not going next level, we're going next dimension. Our Disco Queen Stick adds a hit of multidimensional highlight to your look and our Disco Queen Holographic Highlight Powder gives you a true duochrome finish." You can see just how pigmented the highlighters are on the video swatch the brand shared under their account.

After seeing the swatch pop up on their feeds, many fans are excited to try out the look. "I had eyeshadow this color at the end of the 90’s. I loved it!" one follower wrote. "Would be such a beautiful inner corner highlight !!" another said.

The brand also swatched the two products on three different skin tones, giving customers an idea how it might look on their own skin. As you can see, the powder is hella pigmented when swiped on, giving off a purple and silver shimmer on all skin hues.

The highlighting stick is comparable to the powder when it comes to the level of pigment, although it looks a skosh wetter on the skin then its powder counterpart. It also looks a little more vibrant when swiped on.

While a lot of people are excited to try out this '70s inspired look, some people have taken issue with the word "holographic." They went to the comments to point out to the brand that they thought it was more iridescent since it seemed to only give off a purple shimmer. It doesn't, as the name suggests, have holographic pigments in it that shift the spectrum of the rainbow. Iridescent products can be duochrome, but true holographic products have a whole rainbow packed into their products.

Many tagged the YouTube vlogger @simplynailogical in the comments, who made a YouTube video in April last year calling out makeup brands who use the word "holographic" in their product descriptions when they really mean "iridescent."

For those that are super serious about their makeup, that Urban Decay description might send their eye a-twitching. But for those that just want that disco ball finish and don't care what adjectives are used, just scroll past those comments.

The two highlighters will be available Feb. 6 exclusively at Sephora, so you have a little bit more left to wait. But that shimmer is just around the corner.