Disney Is Releasing Adorable Baby Doll Versions Of Ursula & Maleficent

by Brittany Bennett

Clear space in your collectible case, because Ursula and Maleficent Disney Animators' Collection dolls are on the way, and they can soon be yours. Per an email sent to customers from shopDisney, the two new dolls to join the Disney collection were introduced at the D23 Expo, an event that spanned the weekend of Aug. 24 revealing big park, product, and film announcements. While Disney is heavy on the princess, Ursula and Maleficent will add a streak of "villain" in the collection — a far cry from shopDisney's current selection. And with villains as iconic as Ursula and Maleficent, I say, ~be my guest~.

If you can't wait to claim these wickedly adorable dolls to your Disney collection, you won't have to wait too long. According to shopDisney's email, the Ursula and Maleficent dolls will be arriving to the Animators' Collection as soon as Sept. 29. That's right around the calendar's corner! And, conveniently, also in the midst of Disney's live action The Little Mermaid casting news (I feel for our poor, unfortunate souls after that crushing Harry Styles as Prince Eric news). The release of these iconic dolls is also ahead of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil which will be in theaters on Oct. 18, 2019.


These dolls are for any grown woman who grew up with a slight fear of these Queens of Mean, but now figure they were probably just misunderstood. They're here for us to cling onto our childhood and then pass it down to the next generation. And if your sentimental side is taking over and you need to start collecting right now, you don't have to wait until the end of September. The Animators' Collection is already full of dolls. "Uniquely ours and sketched by celebrated Disney animators, these character-inspired dolls make spectacular besties," shopDisney's website explains. Now you can make these dolls uniquely yours.

We don't have pricing on the two new ones yet, but based on what each doll costs, we can guesstimate that the Ursula and Maleficent dolls will retail for around $29.95 to $39.95. We'll have to wait until Sept. 29 to find out!

Disney Animators' Collection Ariel Doll – The Little Mermaid

If you're going to pick up Ursula, you have to also have Ariel. Finally, under your roof, the two classic animated Disney characters might be able to play nice. Ariel was brought to life by animator Glen Keane and the doll rendering incapsulates the original character — Flounder included!

Disney Animators' Collection Aurora Doll – Sleeping Beauty

Did you know that Sleeping Beauty came out in 1959? Princess Aurora stands the test of time. Especially with the Animators' Collection's rendering of the classic animated princess. Now Aurora can forever stay awake in your collectors case, in her satin gown.

Disney Animators' Collection Elsa Doll – Frozen

Add some ice to your collector's case. Well, at least the ~essence~ of ice as it pertains to Disney. In terms of the Magic Kingdom, there's no other original character who embodies the "essence of ice" more than Elsa. The Elsa doll — complete with Olaf! — celebrates the character sketches drawn by Bill Schwab. The animation is brought to life thanks to the creative Disney Store artists.

Disney Animators' Collection Tiana Doll – The Princess and the Frog

The princess who kissed a frog gets reimagined as a doll. Animator Mark Henn's sketches of Tiana get brought to shopDisney courtesy of the Disney Store artists. Up-to-date costumes give Tiana a modern but timeless feel. I feel like yellow satin hair bows will soon be trending. There's no shame in taking style tips from a Disney doll.

Whether you're purchasing for yourself or for a younger generation, Disney's Animators' Collection keeps the classic characters relevant. It celebrates the art of animation as the classics get live action remakes. These dolls will long outlive VHS.

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