Useful Father's Day Gifts For New Dads

by Megan Shepherd

Sometimes, it seems like Father's Day (and dads in general) doesn't get enough love. All of us love to ooh and ahh over new moms on their first Mother's Day celebration, but what about the new papas out there? Father's Day is just around the corner, and for dads new to the world of parenting, the holiday promises to be an exciting one. But what do you get a new dad on his first big day? Shopping for someone new to parenting can be tough, especially when you consider that gifts like golf clubs or restaurant gift certificates might not be put to use for a while. If you're looking for something that does double duty as a fun and functional gifts, one of these useful Father's Day gifts for new dads might just do the trick.

The truth is, shopping for dad is tough enough without the added element of him being a first-timer. Odds are, you've bought enough 'World's Greatest Dad!' coffee mugs for your own dad in your day, and something like tools or a new lawn mower is actually pretty boring in the grand scheme of dad gifts. (I mean, would you want someone to give you glorified chore accessories on your big day?) As with any holiday, the best gifts combine both flair and practicality with a heavy dose of personalization. And for a dad new to the baby game, he probably needs all the help he can get. These gifts are all useful, unique, and guaranteed to make him feel like part of the cool dad club.

1. A Cool Baby Bjorn Carrier That Looks Like a Hoodie

LUNA for Men Dad's Kangaroo Carrier, $96, Etsy

Let’s face it: some parents aren’t crazy about the idea of strapping their baby to their belly. This cool baby bjorn carrying makes it look a little less conspicuous with a set-up that looks like a fleece hoodie.

2. Alexa

Amazon Echo, $179.99, Amazon

If ever there were a time when a hands-free assistant would come in handy, it’s now. New parents know all about juggling, so give them one less thing to carry. And as a bonus, Alexa will be happy to answer all his zany new baby questions, too.

3. An Apple Watch


Apple Watch Series 1, $269.00, Apple

Having everything in one place comes in handy, especially when you’ve got a new baby in the house. Help dad stay organzied with an Apple Watch, which lets you receive calls, check messages and email, and even load up dad-focused apps all in one place.

4. Nice Slippers

Men’s Wicked Good Scuffs, $69.99, L. L. Bean

Dad’s going to be doing a lot of walking, pacing, shuffling, and bouncing with this new bundle of joy in his life. Why not help him do it comfortably? These slippers make chasing a baby around the house feel like walking on air.

5. "Parenting" Books

Everyone Poops and Go the F*ck to Sleep Books, from $7.99 and $9.97, Amazon and Amazon

Help dad get excited about the prospect of potty training and bedtime stories with these books written with funny parents in mind. Everyone Poops breaks down the taboo of toilet time (and how to do it) in kid-friendly steps, and Go The F*ck To Sleep is a read that’s as much fun for dad as it is baby.

6. An Indestructible Phone Case

FRE Lifeproof Phone Case, $46.99, BestBuy

Babies are bound to spill. A lot. From tub time to playing in the mud, a waterproof (better yet, lifeproof) phone case will come in handy for a new dad.

7. An Engraved Watch

Watches with engraving, price varies, Etsy

There’s nothing sweeter than a keepsake to help celebrate big moments. Consider having a simple wristwatch engraved with the baby’s initials and birthday. Pro-tip: get the engraving at the top so he can keep adding to it if he has more kiddos.

9. A Beer Subscription Box

Monthly Beer Box, $42 per month, Craft Beer Club

With a new baby in tow, dad’s probably not going to be making filed trips to the brewery anytime soon. What to do? Bring the brewery to dad! Beer subscription clubs make it easy for a beer geek dad to get his fix with baby on his hip.

9. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, $69,99, Amazon

It’s no secret that peace and quiet is hard to come by with a new baby in the house. While you might not want dad using these at home or in the middle of the night (a hungry baby rests for no one), getting him a pair for plane rides, lawn work, odd jobs, and downtime would be a great gesture.

10. Movie Tickets

Fandango Gift Card, price varies, Fandango

Everyone needs a day off now and then — especially parents. Grab a few movie tickets for dad and send him to the theatre by himself. He’ll appreciate the time to catch up on new releases and zone out a bit.

11. HBO Now Subscription

Monthly subscription, $14.99 per month, HBO Now

Give dad something to marathon while he hangs out with that snoozin’ baby. And let’s be real: if you’ve got a new baby in the house, it’s probably time you stopped mooching off your friends or in-laws for streaming services and got your own...

12. Dad Survival Kit

Classic Dad Survival Kit, $99.95,

This Dad Survival Kit is as smart, funny, and sensible as they come (just like him!). With KIND Bars, Emergen-C, baby wipes, and everything else a dad might need, he’ll be the the envy of all the other dads at the playground.