Heart-Shaped Makeup Is The Latest Instagram Trend, So Start Planning Your Valentine's Day Look

Valentine's Day is still over a month away, but that doesn't mean you can't already start planning your makeup look. Instagram sure is. Whether you have a crush you'll be flirting with over cocktails, friends you will split dessert with, or a cat you'll be watching Will and Grace reruns with, the day calls for a little bit of cheesy festiveness. Not only is it fun to dress yourself up in red and pink, but the day gives you a chance to get a little more creative than usual with your makeup. While a smokey red eye or a shimmery pink shadow is always a hit, why don't you take it a little more literal and don actual hearts? Beauty lovers on social media agree, and heart-shaped makeup on Instagram is taking over feeds.

From donning cute little stamps at the ends of cat eye liners, to creating Red Queen-inspired heart eyeshadow motifs, there are so many creative ideas on how to bring the lovey-dovey theme of the holiday straight to your eyeshadow palette. And the fun thing is, you can make it as extra or as subdued as you want to — it all depends on your own aesthetic, and there is no wrong way to do it.

For example, you can go subtle, and carve out hearts on your eyelids using a shimmery shadow topped on top of a burgundy pink base.

If you want to get cutsey with the love-theme of the holiday but not be too over the top, this highlight-heavy eyelid heart is the perfect way to do it. Thanks to its shimmery shadow, the heart outline is noticeable, but it also blends with the rest of the look.

On the flip side, if you love this idea but want something a little bolder, then you can try extending the point of the heart down to your lower lashline.

You can also surround the metallic heart with dark pink shadow to help its outline pop, and pair it with a bold lip color to show you're not afraid to make a statement. If you would feel too cheesy choosing a red or pink lip to compliment your heart stamp, then try going for a deep purple.

If you're feeling the traditional candy-pink-and-bright-red motif of Valentine's Day, you can translate it into a glittery eye, topped with a row of hearts.

Buffing your hot pink transition shadow close to your eyebrows, top it off with red glittery shadow, going all festive. Then if you want more of a romantic kick, you can paint in little hearts above the crease. Voila, your eyes turn into the makeup version of a Valentine's Day card!

If you love the idea of floating hearts around your arches but want a more minimal twist, try painting them on just above your lids.

It's fast and easy with minimal fuss. For those who don't trust their shaky hands when it comes to drawing on a heart stamp, then craft glitter is always available. Check out how this makeup artist incorporated Michael's heart-shaped glitter in her own eye look.

Even if you don't think you can pull off the holographic heart confetti, the negative-space pink liner is a gorgeous idea for a Valentine's Day date look.

Or if you can't say no to a glittery eye look, try channeling it into a heart shaped outline.

Rather than spreading the shimmer across the length of your lid, paint it on to a sparkling heart in the center of your eye. It looks even more dramatic when you add flirty false lashes and have blinding highlighter swept across your cheek and brow bones.

Whether you go hardcore with glitter or just opt to draw on a little heart over your eyeliner flick, get festive this V-Day with these cute heart-themed beauty looks.