Why 'Pump Rules' Star Scheana Says She's Done With Stassi, Katie & Kristen For Good This Time

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Vanderpump Rules Season 6 started off with Scheana Marie distancing herself from Kristen Doute, Katie Maloney, and Stassi Schroeder. Scheana even uninvited Katie from her masquerade birthday party. From that moment, fans knew the friendship between Scheana and the trio was rockier than it's ever been. Well, Scheana now says she's done with Stassi, Katie, and Kristen for good.

When we asked if she's still friends with the trio, Scheana replied with a resounding "No." "I did text Katie on her birthday and she responded, but then I also saw she was throwing shade on Twitter the next week, so, I’m like, ‘Why do I try?’ I don’t know," she says. At this point and after everything they've been through, especially all of the drama, the 32-year-old Bravolebrity says her life has been infinitely better without them.

"Honest to God, once I was finally able to let the three of them go it was like a weight was lifted," Scheana admits. "It was like for six years a constant battle trying to be accepted by them and have them like me and like, ‘Oh, my God, they’re the cool girls’, and like I wanna be a part of their clique. I tried so hard."

It was clear from the first episode of the first season of Vanderpump Rules just how hard Scheana tried to fit in at SUR and with Stassi, Katie, and Kristen. At one point, it seemed like they could work out their troubles. Scheana was even in Katie's wedding, but, according to the "What I Like" singer, the friendship she had with them wasn't truly real.

"It was never organic. It never worked. It was always, what's the word, forced," she says. "It was just never easy with us and the second they got involved in my relationship, that was the nail in the coffin for me. I was like, ‘I will never allow them to do this to me again. I’m done.'"

Of course, Scheana is referring to her former relationship with Rob Valletta, which has been a major focus this season. In Season 6, Kristen and Katie even discussed supposed cheating rumors involving Rob that really set off Scheana. As soon as she heard the claims about Rob, she laughed them off (and said Rob did the same), but the rumors ended up deeply affecting her.

During the Los Angeles Pride Parade, she became extremely upset over Stassi, Katie, and Kristen spreading allegations about her then-boyfriend. It was then that Scheana not only hit her breaking point, but realized she would be better off without them.

"I don’t need them in my life as friends to be happy," she says. "I’m much happier completely having them cut out of my life personally. Professionally, obviously, I’m going to have to work with them again and that’s fine, I’m a professional person, but, personally, I have no interest in having them be a part of my life."

Is she sad that their friendship is over? Without zero hesitation, Scheana says, "No." Pursuing a future relationship with them isn't something on her agenda, either.

"I’ve completely 100 percent given up on ever having a relationship/friendship/acquaintance-ship/co-worker-ship [or] anything with the three of them," she says. "When we’re filming or it’s Brittany [Cartwright]’s birthday or something that’s an event where we’ll all be together, then I will be cordial and civil, but as far as friendships go with them, I have no interest in ever maintaining those."

It sounds like Scheana is doing just fine without Stassi, Katie, and Kristen. Plus, she has her other fellow Pump Rules friends, Brittany, Ariana Madix, and Lala Kent, who don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.