Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale Had A 'HSM' Reunion On TikTok While Social Distancing

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We’re all in this (coronavirus pandemic) together, including the cast of High School Musical, who are using the iconic Disney Channel Original Movie to bring some heartwarming nostalgia to the masses while everyone is social distancing from each other. Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale had a High School Musical reunion on TikTok, even while they were stuck at home in self-quarantine. If this doesn’t prove that you can have fun with friends in self-isolation, nothing will.

On Monday, March 16, Tisdale posted a TikTok video of herself re-enacting the original choreography of “We’re All In This Together,” the classic anthem of unity from the first High School Musical film, as a way to entertain herself (and us suckers for anything nostalgic from the 2000s) while at home. Later that night, her co-star and longtime friend Hudgens used the app to insert herself into the video, lip-syncing along to the song from her own home — but pouring herself a glass of wine instead of doing the moves. Hey, whatever keeps you going at home.

Hudgens’ video marked her TikTok debut, and it seems that she might be getting into it more while stuck at home. "Well. It’s come to this,” she captioned her video on Instagram. “Lol @ashleytisdale maybe I start getting into TikTok?" She also clarified one thing about her TikTok profile, making it clear that she means business. "Username is vanessahudgens not vanessahudgens0 okay byeeee."

As an avid user of the rapidly rising social media platform, with over three million followers to her name, Tisdale is definitely already a pro at using TikTok in these trying times. "If you need to work out while on #selfquarantine try this," Tisdale captioned the original video on Twitter. "Hopefully this will brighten your day a little!" It certainly brightened another HSM alum’s day. Bart Johnson, who portrayed the one and only Coach Bolton (aka Troy’s dad) in the film, commented on Hudgens’ post that the girls’ performance was “outstanding," as reported by E! News. He later posted his own take on the dance in a duet video with Tisdale's original post — wearing his East High sweatshirt, of course.

Tisdale frequently uses her TikTok to uphold her character Sharpay Evans' legacy, lip-syncing her signature song "Fabulous" from the film's sequel back in February 2020. And it's exactly the content that all of us in isolation deserve.

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