Vanessa Hudgens Just Got The Most Perfect Bangs

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While many of this year's — and especially this summer's — hair trends have involved wild colors and inventive dye patterns, there's no denying that sometimes, it's good to go back to basics. And that's exactly what Vanessa Hudgens' latest look is all about: A simple yet effective bang cut that elevates her edgy-messy bob to whole new levels.

Hudgens is known for mixing things up when it comes to her hair. Just a couple of months ago, she debuted her blunt bob cut courtesy of celeb hairstylist Chad Wood, and now she's kept the look, but added a twist that makes it tempting to agree with PopSugar and crown this the cut of the summer. She shared the look on her Instagram Aug. 2, with a simple caption: "Bangin."

And it seems she's making an at least temporary return to letting her hair go loose and wavy. Hudgens' hair has a natural curl that is weighted down by her longer styles, but gets curlier the shorter it's cut, and since she switched to a bob style, she's had a penchant for straightening it. But in this snap, her hair is free with a glorious wave and, of course, equally wavy bangs.

Hudgens' relatively simple change is nonetheless a huge difference in her style. Adding bangs to any cut can be intimidating, especially if you've been told you don't have "the face" for bangs, or if you know how much upkeep bangs can be.

But Hudgens isn't a stranger to significant hairstyle changes. Whether the look is as dramatic as a bang cut or as impermanent as wearing a wig for a night, she switches up her look on the reg.

Check out some of her 2017 looks below.

1. January

This sleek, pulled-back look flies in the face of "never part your hair down the middle" — and does it with style.

2. January 2.0

While this style is only a little longer than Hudgens' current bob, straightening it to frame her face makes them look light years apart.

3. February

This isn't the first time Hudgens has worn bangs in 2017. However, this femme fatale look from February may be a wig, judging by Instagram snaps posted just a couple of weeks later showing the star bang-less. Either way, it was an excellent test run for her summery cut.

4. March

Hudgens spent all of March with these long locks, which she had for a movie role.

5. April

Hudgens' look here is a nifty throwback to sixties style — and she's clearly got plenty of flower power to go around.

In May, Hudgens got the bob she's currently wearing, but that didn't mean she stopped throwing her own personal, mercurial flair into her everyday looks, going from uber-straight to I-woke-up-like-this. Now with her new bangs, she's got a whole other range of styles to share with the world, and fans are sure to be stoked for whatever (doubtlessly iconic) look she'll debut next.