Vanessa & Nick Hit A Road Block On 'The Bach'

Terhi Tuovinen/ABC

Vanessa's first appearance in public after The Bachelor proved to be an interesting one. Chris Harrison was very interested in how things are going between this new couple, and everything she said confirmed that Vanessa and Nick have things to work on post-Bachelor.

First, Chris interviewed a solo Vanessa, who admitted that things have been hard on the new couple. Being together not on the confines of a television show has been difficult, but Vanessa assured the audience that she and Nick have a very open line of communication in their relationship, and there's a lot of give and take back and forth. Once they secured each other's phone numbers (which is funny to me that they only exchanged digits after they got engaged), there was plenty of texting and talking and fighting. The more things change, the more they stay the same! In the vein of what Nick and Vanessa beat to death on The Bachelor, these two have a lot of compromising to do. Vanessa is moving to Los Angeles to be with Nick, and for now, that's what's working for them. Oh, boy. This is going to be a rocky ride.

I don't mean to be cynical here, but this is the problem with getting engaged on The Bachelor. How can you really get engaged and intend to marry someone after six weeks? It doesn't sound like Nick and Vanessa are totally solid in their relationship — and even though they are going to work on it, sometimes even the best of intentions are not enough.

I have my fingers crossed for these two — even though they don't seem to be running at 100 percent right now, Nick and Vanessa seem to be willing to do the work to get there.