Pedestrians Injured In Boston After Car Drove Into Them

Larry W. Smith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Reports have emerged of an incident where a car drove into a group of pedestrians in Boston. It took place early on Monday afternoon near the taxi pool Boston's Logan International Airport, and early reports are saying that it has no connection to terror. However, the Boston Globe reports that ten pedestrians were injured when the car drove into where they were standing, and that they are all now being taken to hospitals in the area.

According to the Massachusetts State Police's twitter feed, the injuries were of varying severity. In addition to the MSP, the Boston Police, Boston Fire Department, and Boston EMS all arrived at the scene as soon as possible. ABC News is reporting that the incident was accidental, and it appears as though the car was actually a Boston city taxi. The Boston Globe reports that the driver was a 56 year old man, and he stayed on the scene in order to give an interview to the police. All reports say that the police are investigating this incident as an operator error rather than terrorism. Judging by the photos that have come out of the incident's aftermath, the car caused quite a lot of damage.

It's natural that the authorities would first try to rule out terror after an incident of this nature, as the Islamic State has carried out numerous attacks using cars, mostly in Europe. This happened most recently in London, but is also reminiscent of 2016 attacks in Nice and Berlin. Terrorism does not appear to be the motive in this case, however, and the car's driver is currently cooperating with the police at the scene.

The area that the car ran into was a spot where taxi drivers congregate on their breaks, and NBC Boston is reporting that several witnesses said that they knew the driver of the car. The car in question was a Metro Cab and a Toyota, which some drivers have reported having problems with in the past. Investigators will give a press conference shortly, where they will be expected to share what they have found out so far about the crash.

Abdias Pierre, another driver who was there, told the Boston Globe that he knew the driver of the car, and that the driver wasn't "doing it on purpose." Pierre also said that all of the people hit were other taxi drivers. This goes along with the report from the State Police, which says that they have no reason to believe that the crash was intentional.