Victoria Beckham Hinted At Something Very Exciting In A New Lab Coat-Clad IG Post

by Aoife Hanna

Move over Queen Lizzie, we all know that there is a far more influential and important matriarch than you. One who has ruled the charts; grabbed headlines with false lip rings; maintained one of the strongest relationships in showbiz; bossed being a mother; and reigned supreme in the fashion world. Yes, Victoria Beckham is the queen of our hearts and, as with all visionaries, being a massively influential figure in umpteen areas just isn't enough. This insta post of Victoria Beckham at the lab tells us that her skincare range is still well and truly on track to take over the beauty world, and boy of boy the excitement is PALPABLE.

VB has been in the lab, all suited and booted. Managing to make even the old fashioned lab coat look effortlessly chic. But, of course, it's not your standard lab coat. She's only gone and had her initials embroidered on the flipping breast pocket. Not to mention the clearly conscious styling like the sleeves being rolled up and her collar popped. We stan, and Usher approves.

So, Posh Spice is in the lab, perfecting the perfect lotions, potions, serums, and all sorts to keep your skin looking dewy AF. Lord knows if you can rely on anyone to make your skin so tight you could bounce a penny on it, it's our gal VB.

Holding aloft a jar filled with a pinky substance (which looks a little terrifying as is, but we all know it's guaranteed to be some high-quality stuff), it seems that she is seriously getting some hands-on experience.

Bustle reported back in February that Beckham dropped a press release to announce the new skincare line. Much to the absolute excitement of all of her loyal and low-key obsessive fans. The statement read:

"I want to take care of women inside and out, providing them with the must-have items in makeup, skin care, fragrance, and wellness that I feel I need in my own life."

She is launching the line with her BFF Sarah Creal who was formerly the head of global make-up development and marketing at Estée Lauder, according to Vogue. Creal posted another pic of the pair on her own Instagram. And does she have her own personalised lab coat? Of course she flipping does. Creal shared a pic of the pair in the lab, no doubt conspiring to make us all look absolutely gorgeous.

According to Creal's caption, it's not all about the sciencey stuff, but also about having the LOLs with her BFF Beckham. I know right? Friendship goals. "It's the best when work and fun are the same thing..happens almost everyday with @victoriabeckham," she wrote. "Love being a #beautyboss with you! #dayoffriendship #girlpower#victoriabeckhambeauty"

Beckham has always been vocal about her self-care regime that keeps her looking fantastic. As Bustle has previously reported, the inspirational business woman appears to have a fab pre-bed routine, which prioritises cleansing, a good old sleep, and as much darn moisturiser as you can shlep on your face. Hell yes to that youthful, gorgeous glow.

Although there is no official launch date, a post from July 17 on VB's Instagram account said it would be dropping "this fall." Which is American for autumn. So you can say bye bye to old leaves and hello to fabulous skin this coming autumn.