Watching Bonnie Tyler Perform “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” Is Exactly What You Need Today


Well, the time is upon us: After 37 long years, we, the humans of Earth, got to experience a solar eclipse. It was a momentous occasion, one that could only be marked with a special eclipse-themed tribute — Bonnie Tyler singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with the band DNCE. The song is Tyler's claim to fame, a perfect '80s anthem about epic love under impossible circumstance. Basically, singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" during a solar eclipse is the best way to celebrate this event, and boy, did Tyler do it in style.

According to CNN, Tyler and DNCE got together for this special performance of the 1983 hit on the Royal Caribbean "Total Eclipse Cruise," which was set to sail through the path of the eclipse. What a perfectly meta way to view this unique cosmological event. First off, who doesn't want to be on a cruise with Joe Jonas and '80s legend Tyler? Secondly, who doesn't want to be on a cruise with these singers while they sing the best eclipse-themed pop anthem ever created while a solar eclipse is actually happening? You'd be hard-pressed to find better people to make that tribute come to life.

Just look at how Tyler and Jonas rocked out once the chorus kicked in:

And apparently the internet agreed that Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was the only proper way to celebrate this special moment. Some were reveling in Tyler's performance on the "Total Eclipse" cruise:

Meanwhile, others felt compelled to blast the song loud and proud as they watched the moon pass in front of the sun on Monday.

Seriously, what could be better to soundtrack the gentle afternoon covering up of our sun than the powerful, throaty, and all-around magical singing of Tyler as she tells us all, "Once upon a time I was falling in love. Now I'm only falling apart"? You guys, it's poetic, it's perfect, it's... well, it's a damn good tribute, that's what.

If ever there was time for Tyler's song to be enjoyed from the comfort of a cruise ship or your own backyard, then this is truly that day.