Videos Of Brennely Brown Singing Before 'The Voice' Show Her Talent

by Hannah Shapiro

The Voice is one of the most competitive singing competition shows out there. And, it's not just the spinning chairs, celebrity judges, or flashing lights that bring the audience. It's the voices. The Voice features some of the most talented up-and-coming artists from across the country. One of the youngest contestants on the show this season is 15-year-old Brennley Brown. She has wowed the judges not only with her incredibly distinct voice but also with her stage presence and star quality. Like many contestants on the show, Brown was a practiced singer before appearing on the program, despite her young age. If you're a fan, here are some videos of Brennley Brown singing before The Voice that showcase her true talent.

Brown has had an impressive display of her skills despite only being 15. Like many talented young artists, she's been pursuing her career from a young age. Brown is a country singer, and many country starlets start young. Just look at Taylor Swift. There is a documented history of Brown's talent, before she was discovered by judges in chairs. She was even a part of a different reality singing competition show: America's Got Talent. Brown is now a part of "Team Gwen Stefani" and her long history of singing has prepared her for her new role. Let's take a trip down a very musical memory lane for the talented young star.

She Started Young

Like many young stars, Brown had a YouTube channel with active videos starting at age 11. Even at 11, her vocals and star quality were clear. It was only a matter of time before she would take a larger leap into the spotlight. Early videos show Brown singing not just country, but musical theater as well.

At Sports Events

At 11, Brown wasn't just preforming in front of a camera. Brown used a tennis match to show off her impressive vocal chops. From "America the Beautiful" to the National Anthem, Brown gained experience singing in front of an audience at a young age.

At A Country Music Bar

Preforming in a country bar is basically a right of passage for a budding country artist. I remember visiting Nashville, Tennessee and realizing the bars were where the upcoming talent was at. Brown posted a handful of her bar performances on her YouTube page, including some original songs. Again, her command of the audience is impressive.

Song Covers

As Brown got older, she continued to post covers of popular songs to her channel. It's her continued pursuit that is most impressive to me. She may be young, but she's been going for it for as long as artists twice her age. Her command of The Voice stage is no doubt a reflection of many years of hard work and pursuit and the many covers of songs sang into a single camera for YouTube.

America's Got Talent

Like many singers, it's not uncommon to try multiple reality shows. Brown first appeared on the popular show America's Got Talent. The videos show her incredible talent being applauded but maybe not appreciated as much as it is on The Voice. I think the main difference is America's Got Talent is a show that displays a variety of talents from singers to comedians to dancers. The Voice focuses on developing vocal artists. It seems the latter is a better fit for the star.

I look forward to watching Brown continue to develop her talent and blossom on The Voice. She is already proving she is a force to be reckoned with.