'The Voice' Just Got Its Youngest Ever Contestant

Trae Patton/NBC

One of the most exciting and interesting contestants on The Voice came in the form of a young country singer. She wowed, she thrilled, and she is officially Team Blake. At age 15, Brennley Brown became the youngest Voice contestant on the show this season. But her youth does not equate to inexperience. In fact, her youth equals a vivaciousness and energy that will hopefully keep Brown at the top of the pack as The Voice goes on.

The timing couldn't have been better because Brown's audition was absolutely the stuff that make a Voice audition perfect. What's better: this singer, who has known since she was about 6 years old that she wanted to sing, got to align herself with the best country music coach on the show. Can I get a "yee-haw" for that, y'all?

It was clear from the moment Brown took the stage that she was going to absolutely blow the judges away. However, they played it a little coy when she first started and got her family to start nervously crossing their fingers backstage. Brown got halfway through her rendition of "Stupid Boy" before Blake Shelton turned his chair around. Surprisingly, Alicia Keys also turned her chair around. The competition was definitely heating up as the two judges soon began pleading their case for Brown to join their team.

While Keys told Brown that if she joined Team Keys, she would get to experience a coach who knew how to work with young women who were passionate about music, Shelton sold Brown on the idea that eternal country music glory would be within reach if she went Team Blake. Brown looked absolutely thrilled that this was the kind of tough decision she had to make rather than face rejection.

After a few intense moments, Brown chose Shelton as her coach. It was a beautiful end to an audition and an exciting beginning to Brown's journey on The Voice.