Villanelle's 21 Best Outfits From 'Killing Eve,' Because Her Style Is Just As Dramatic & Beautiful As She Is

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With a name as theatrical as Villanelle, it's no wonder that the Killing Eve character has a flair for the dramatic. And her wardrobe is just that — gratuitously expensive, loud, mismatched, and completely gorgeous. The Russian assassin uses clothes to change her personality, which is a necessity for her job. A blue peasant dress transforms Villanelle into an Italian partygoer, while a simple white blouse and cropped slacks allow her to fade into the background as a waitress. But whatever persona she's embodying, one thing is clear: Villanelle's best outfits on Killing Eve are all beautiful but off-kilter, just like her.

As lead writer Emerald Fennell said, "I would describe Villanelle as an iconic dresser." And even "iconic" feels like an understatement. Each episode, costume designers Phoebe De Gaye (Season 1) and Charlotte Mitchell (Season 2) seem to up the ante for Villanelle's loud, eccentric wardrobe. She's also a reckless spender, buying extravagant pieces and quickly blowing through her paycheck. "[Villanelle] just loves clothes," De Gaye told Vogue. "That's how she rewards herself for her kills, she just goes out and buys something else. She's also a good chameleon, you know, the idea was that you could never really pin her down." As a result, her wardrobe had to fit with those facets of her impulsive personality.

During a BBC Q&A, Mitchell said, "when designing [Villanelle's] wardrobe I loved looking at vintage fashion, such as how '80s Yves Saint Laurent suit jackets and blouses were worn — incredibly feminine and powerful — and wondered how this could work for Villanelle. It's such a striking silhouette, almost like a Spanish matador, that this led me to consider women wearing men's suits with a twist."

She continued, "I loved finding interesting pieces and putting them together in an eclectic way (not particularly matching) which would lead to playful looks, perfect for Villanelle." But even though the character's clothes don't always go together, she makes them work because of her unyielding confidence. Here are 21 of her best looks so far.

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