Visa Threw A Money Milestones Party & It Was Everything

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In case you missed it, Bustle's second annual Rule Breakers was (yet again) the hottest ticket in town last Saturday, September 22 in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. As the event's name alludes, the day was all about celebrating the women and non-binary individuals who aren't afraid to break the rules and stand out on their own terms in every aspect of their lives — including their financial lives.

To encourage open, honest conversations around women and money, Visa brought their Money Is Changing initiative to life at Rule Breakers with a money milestones party, and it truly had everything. From an interactive wall that let festival goers celebrate money achievements both big and small, to tons of photo-worthy moments and a rosé toast, this bash was the ideal space to hype up your own money wins.

Keep scrolling to check out the highlights from the event, and hey, maybe you'll even get inspired to throw a money milestones party of your own — or, at the very least, start your own money conversations among your group of friends.

First Up: A Celebration Of Your Money Wins

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OK, this was seriously cool: Once you walked into the party, you were handed a sheet of stickers, each reading either "Goals," "Meh," or "Done." From there, guests walked over to a giant wall that invited you to pin stickers next to tons of different money milestones. I beelined to slap my "Goals" sticker next to "Pay off student loans," and I have to say: I had mad respect for the party people who affixed their "Done" sticker by "Get a divorce." Seriously. You go, girl.

Then A Quick Toast To You!

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After taking a moment to pat themselves on the back for their financial greatness, guests were invited to enjoy a complimentary pour of ice-cold rosé and lounge around the party in the shade. A beautiful summer day, a cool glass of wine, and a safe space to talk money sans judgement? Be still, my heart.

There Was A Celebration-Worthy Photo Op

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Because what party would be complete without a built-for-social photo moment? The shimmering wall provided an ideal backdrop on its own, but the ante was upped with custom sashes that let guests celebrate their money wins. My personal favorite read "Me, Myself, My 1 Bedroom," but "Yay Yay 401(k)" also got my heart fluttering in a way that surprised even me.

And Of Course, There Were Solid Party Favors

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In addition to the complimentary pour of rosé, party goers walked away with a brand new tote and cute greeting cards to help you keep your own money conversation going with your friends, no matter how near or far they may be.

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