Walkers' Nandos-Flavoured Crisps Are About To Make Quarantine *So* Much Tastier

by Aoife Hanna

It might not have come as much of a surprise that many restaurants have been forced to close during the coronavirus outbreak. Yes it's a time to really work on your home cooking but, no, it'll never be the same as a cheeky Nando's. So what if I were to tell you that Walkers have made crisps based on UK restaurant chains' popular dishes?

Shut the front door, fill the house with crisps, this lockdown business just got a lot more interesting. The news from the UK's best known crisp brand is fairly well timed as we get used to considerably fewer mealtime options.

Taking house favourites from Nando's, Pizza Express, Las Iguanas, YO! Sushi, and GBK, Walkers have opened the floor to some exciting and unprecedented crisp flavours.

Nando's classic peri peri chicken, Pizza Express' American Hot and Margherita pizzas, Las Iguana's chilli con carne, YO! Sushi's chicken katsu, and GBK's indomitable cheeseburger are all hitting the shelves in crisp form.

I guess vegetarians out there might be a bit miffed at the meatier crisps on the menu but worry thee not, I've double checked and they're all suitable for vegetarians. However as they all contain milk, they're sadly not suitable for vegans.

So now, where to flipping buy these delicious treats? Instagram snack connoisseur @kevssnackreviews spotted them in store at UK retailer Home Bargains and I can't find them anywhere to buy online. However, hopefully they'll be available nationwide in the future. Watch this space.

The crisps also come with an exclusive two-for-one restaurant meal voucher on each pack which, sadly, will not be usable before the end of social isolation. However, according to their website, Walkers have kindly changed the T's & C's to extend the period they're usable until Dec. 3, 2020. That means that you'll be able to redeem the voucher by visiting the Walkers website, popping in the ten-digit promotional code found on the packet, and using that voucher to support the UK's favourite chain restaurants when they eventually reopen. With all this free time on your hands to snack, you can eat heaps of crisps, save up a whole bunch of vouchers, and go for a big post-isolation celebration with your pals. Dreamy.