Here's An Excellent Reason To Book A Trip Right Now

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On April 26, socially responsible travel booking company, Wander, launched its very own #AntiTravelBan campaign. The campaign offers travelers a chance to financially support causes that Trump’s proposed budget would hurt. On top of that, Wander’s #AntiTravelBan campaign is raising awareness of the $185 million dollars the U.S. lost in business travel bookings the week after Trump’s initial travel ban took effect. Even better? For the duration of their #AntiTravelBan campaign, Wander promises to “double the impact that you make to the cause you care about the most.” So if you need to book a hotel for an upcoming trip, and you enjoy resisting the Trump administration whenever possible, now would be an excellent time to check out Wander.

Of course, Wander always offers travelers a way to book hotels responsibly, so anytime is a good time to secure lodging through the site. Wander routinely donates a percentage of its booking fees to the causes of their customers’ choosing, and it does so at no extra cost to consumers. Plus, Wander is partnered with five highly respected humanitarian and environmental organizations — such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), CARE, and Opportunity International, a nonprofit organization that empowers business women all over the world to overcome poverty.

As Wander points out on its site, the average American leisure traveler spends about $2,158 on hotel bookings each year. This means if even one American traveler booked their hotels exclusively through Wander this year, they could provide life-changing vitamins to 40 kids, help bring sustainable electricity to a family in Peru, or even help combat habitat destruction in the Arctic.

As if all of this isn’t reason enough to check out Wander and its #AntiTravelBan campaign, Wander was founded by a woman, and its team is female-dominated as well. Perhaps even more importantly, Wander is literally giving back to the communities that travel agencies and travelers alike gain so much from.