John Oliver's Putin Pop Song Is Unreal — VIDEO

It seems as though HBO's Last Week Tonight is more memorable than usual when there's some wacky musical number involved. And just two episodes into the show's fourth season, John Oliver didn't disappoint with the Putin pop song. In an attempt to explain to Trump why he shouldn't try too hard to please Russia's president, five women took the stage and performed a techno song with its very own dance and — don't forget — an important lesson.

After reiterating why Americans are concerned about the Trump administration's connections with Russia, Oliver explains the problem with a close Russian-American friendship.

Experts say that he likely wants an end to U.S. sanctions, for us to endorse his pro-Assad position in Syria, to let him weaken NATO, and to recognize his annexation of Crimea, all of which would be against American interests and values. But there seems to be a genuine danger that if unchecked, Trump may trade any or all of that away in exchange for "getting along better," whatever the f*ck that really means.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Oliver had a plan. Hopefully Trump tunes in.

So someone needs quickly to get into Trump's ear and educate him on how realistic getting along better with Putin actually is. ... So we've put together a quick explanation guaranteed to stick in Trump's mind in the catchiest possible form: sh*tty techno music.

The performance begins around the 18:45 mark in this video:

The prospect of this Putin pop song being rooted reality is plain uncomfortable. But get ready to face it, because there is indeed a techno song all about the Russian President. According to PBS, Singing Together's "A Man Like Putin" debuted in 2002 and, yes, topped the charts in Russia. To make matters even stranger, it's legitimately been played at some of Vladimir Putin's rallies. The song was reportedly written by Alexander Yelin.

I want a man like Putin, who's full of strength / I want a man like Putin, who doesn't drink / I want a man like Putin, who won't make me sad / I want a man like Putin, who won't run away.

If you don't believe it, watch Putin enter a rally as the famous song plays.

Just when you thought 2017 couldn't get weirder, Oliver parodied a techno song about Putin. But rather than praise the Russian president, Oliver's version sends out a hysterical, albeit serious message of caution against becoming besties with him.

Images: HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver