Watch Kristen Bell Play Two Truths And A Lie In This Behind-The-Scenes 'CHiPs' Clip — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Warner Bros. Pictures

We all know that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are Hollywood celebrity relationship goals. But in their new film, CHiPs, an adaptation of the classic '70s series, they are anything but. In the film, Shepard plays Jon Baker, a retired motorbike racer, while Bell plays Shepard's cruel ex-wife Karen. Rounding out the cast is Michael Peña as Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello as Baker's undercover agent partner. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes CHiPs clip, fans get to see just how close Peña got to the couple while filming the movie, and even learn a few fun facts about Bell before the film hits theaters on March 24.

In this behind-the-scenes clip, CHiPs stars Bell, Shepard, and Peña play a round of two truths and a lie. Bell is put in the hot seat, forced to come up with two truths and a lie for three different categories: Professional, Personal, and Police, while Shepard and Peña are tasked with picking out the lie from the truths. Now, Bell and Shepard are known as one of Hollywood's most down-to-earth couples. They frequently go from glamorous on the red carpet one minute to fighting over a La-Z-Boy chair on social media the next. Needless to say, they probably know each other really well. So, in a display of good sportsmanship, Shepard removed himself from the game, letting Peña play the game for himself.

To fully appreciate Peña's domination of this game, it must be stressed that Peña had never even met Shepard before he was approached for the role of Ponch. In fact, Shepard pitched the film to studios with Peña in mind without having even reached out to him. Watching Peña call out Bell's lies in every round is impressive, and begs the question: is Peña a super attentive friend, or is Bell just a bad liar?

Other than revealing Peña's super abilities to spot a lie, the fun CHiPs clip also uncovered Bell's inability to use a broiler and the reason why Bell didn't fall in love with Shepard the moment she met him ("You were talking so much"). If these three have as much chemistry in the movie as they do in this clip, then CHiPs is off to a great start.