Wells Reminisced About Sarah Hyland’s Old ‘Bachelor’ Tweets & Yeah, They’ve Come A LONG Way

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Wells Adams/Twitter

Wow, these two have certainly come a long way. On Monday, Wells Adams shared Sarah Hyland's Men Tell All tweets from all the way back in July 2016, and once you read them, you just might be convinced the former star from The Bachelorette and the Modern Family actor were meant to be. Adams and Hyland have been dating for nine months and they still seem head over heels in love ever since they dressed up as Stranger Things characters for Halloween in October 2017. And based on the way Hyland talked about Adams two years ago, well, she definitely had a thing for him then, too.

"2 years ago on #MenTellAll this happened," Adams tweeted referencing the screenshot of Hyland's tweets he posted. The 27-year-old actor tweeted on July 27, 2016: "Also @WellsAdams compared Chad to Voldemort. #potterheadsarethebest." She also tweeted that same day, "Ugh! @WellsAdams making a Lord of the Flies reference on men tell all??? #knewhewasthebestfromthestart #menwhoreadarehot."

See? They were destined for one another. Even Hyland couldn't believe what she wrote about her now boyfriend. She replied to Adams on Twitter with a GIF that said, "This is so crazy!"

Their relationship has kind of taken Bachelor Nation by storm. So much so, Chris Harrison is even rooting for Adams and Hyland. While chatting with E! News on July 29, the Bachelor/Bachelorette host said, "I just love that relationship. I just think they are oddly perfect together. With Wells and Sarah, they just seem to fit and seem to mix and they complement each other and are a good couple."

Harrison didn't stop there and continued, "They are an amazing couple and are crazy in love with each other. They are both quirky, goofy and funny." Harrison also revealed he believes the couple will get engaged at some point in time. "I don't know when this [engagement] is going to happen, but it will happen," the ABC personality told E! News. "If there is a couple I root for, it's them." He also said he would "one hundred percent" officiate their wedding when (not if) the time comes.

Hyland and Adams recently moved in together, so they seem pretty serious. During a July 20 episode of Adams' podcast with Brandi Cyrus, Your Favorite Thing, he revealed, "I’m straight-up moving to L.A. Should I not have said it? I’ve got to go!" Adams kept dishing and said, "My first thought [was], ‘Let’s go to California. Let’s move in with the lady.’ … If we’re gonna take the next step, this is the first step we’ve got to take, to decide if we can handle living with one another."

Moving in together is a huge step. You don't just take that leap unless you really want to take your relationship to the next level. Maybe Harrison is right and the next step will be an Adams and Hyland engagement? Who knows, but it seems pretty clear the duo make a perfect couple and were bound to end up together sooner rather than later.