You Can Get A Frosty At Wendy’s For Literally 50 Cents — Here’s How

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In 2018, it's hard to score anything, let alone anything good, for less than a dollar. Well, my friendlies, all of that is about to change because the Wendy's 50-cent Frosty is back. If you haven't treated yourself to a Frosty in a while, it's the same delicious ice-cream-milkshake hybrid you remember from your childhood. And though a small Frosty is normally only a buck — still pretty cheap, in the grand scheme — you can now get one in exchange for two of your finest quarters for a limited time.

The Square Deal Blog reported that the recipe for the Wendy's signature Frosty has been the same for more than 40 years. "We’re not going to give you the recipe for how to make a Wendy’s Frosty at home. Because, secrets," Square Deal noted. "But we will tell you that the Frosty wouldn’t be the Frosty without quality ingredients like, real milk, real cream, natural vanilla flavor, and chocolate that uses real cocoa. Plus, the Frosty contains no artificial flavors."

What's more, dedicated Frosty lovers can enter to win a trip for two on Wendy's dime. To enter, upload a photo of yourself with your Wendy’s 50-Cent Frosty to either Twitter or Instagram by May 31, and include the hashtag #ThatFrostyLifeSweepstakes.

If you win, you've not only enjoyed a Frosty for 50 cents, but you'll also get a vacay for the price of that 50-cent Frosty. Seriously, this is the one time when your foodie snap can win you a trip, and it's nice to get something for free by doing something you're going to do anyway. Come on, don't pretend you weren't going to Instagram your Frosty with a caption about throwing it back to your childhood. Maybe the Frosty is so memorable because it's the one quickie shake-like dessert that's too thick to drink with a straw. If you've always wondered why you have to eat your beloved Frosty with a spoon, it's no accident.

"It was supposed to be a thick product, which you would eat with a spoon, and it would have a clean, mild chocolate flavor," Square Deal explained. "One key element was to make it a 'light chocolate flavor.' Dave felt his customer would eat their Frosty with their meal and did not want the Frosty to have too strong a flavor that would detract from his great hamburgers." And, it's totally cool to dip your fries in your Frosty. As it turns out, that was sort of the idea since it's meant to be part of your meal versus a dessert.

"It is not a milkshake and not soft serve. If you want to get technical, most quick service shakes have a higher overrun and are filled with air," Square Deal explained. "Shakes can be sipped with a straw and have a grainier more ice crystal-like structure. Soft serve is of course thicker and has less overrun. The product is drier and has different eating qualities than a Frosty, so we see the Frosty as a hybrid of the two." Think of this information as the new thing you learned today. Perhaps you can even bust it out during a trivia night.

Just because your Frosty is supposed to be part of your meal, that doesn't mean you can't eat is as your meal, or that you can't save it for dessert. Because, there are no rules when it comes to enjoying your 50-cent Frosty. Well, OK, maybe there is one rule. The Frosty should make you happy AF because it's a signal that summer is on the way, and it's literally the last good thing you can score for less than a dollar. Grab a fiver and buy a round of Frosties for everyone you know. This is the one time you can say, 'this is on me' without an ounce of guilt about overspending. If that's not happiness in a cup, I don't know what is.