We’re Grateful For These 38 Sweet Finds Under $10 On Amazon Prime

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I've had an expensive summer. Between traveling out of the country, averting my eyes during every credit card swipe on a trip to Vegas, and ordering too much take-out sushi, I'm short on cash. You'd think this would mean that it's time to reign in the spending — but no. Instead, I've made a deal with my inner impulse shopper: stick to all the affordable products on Amazon that are less than $10.

This is surprisingly easy to do when you see all the things the site has to offer for less than the price of happy hour cocktail (or an avocado roll). Spoiler: there's a ton spanning every category from lifestyle to beauty. Has this strategy been helping my wallet? Well, that answer is a resounding maybe — but I still love all the things I'm ordering, because there are so many useful Amazon products available with a Prime subscription (which, you know, I've already paid for and has convenient two-day shipping).

Besides — you can't expect me to resist a smartphone camera lens kit, or a clip-on ring light that illuminates your selfies, can you? And if you do expect such an easy request out of me, please lower your expectations. Here are some of the commerce team's favorite under-$10 picks.

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