62 Sick Products That Cost Less Than $10 On Amazon

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The word cheap has two (very different) connotations. There's the "Wow, what an awesome find" type, and then there's: "Well, that took a fraction of a second to combust in my hand." Thankfully, quality and affordability are both possible with these glorious products that cost less than $10 on Amazon. In fact, you might even find yourself audibly exclaiming "That's it!?" to no one in particular. Cue the perplexed looks from your coworkers, because you just yelled at your computer screen.

Among other things (like their massive selection and brutally honest reviews), Amazon is known for their cheap but amazing finds. Because their pricing is so competitive, it's a wonderful place to find the best deals on products that are genuinely useful, really adorable, or tons of fun.

Personally, one of my favorite feelings in the world is finding an item that actually interests me, looking at the price tag, and realizing that it's significantly less than I expected. It's a way better feeling than overpaying, or — somehow even worse — filling your cart with things you don't really need, but felt inclined to buy just because they're on sale. So if you'd rather spend less money for more sick products, check out these things under $10 that you'll want to buy right now.

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