What '90s Character You Should Dress Up As For Halloween, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Halloween is almost here, and for many of us, our costumes are hanging in our closet ready to be worn and Instagrammed; but if you're a last-minute Louie and need a quick and easy (and maybe even DIY) get-up, here are 12 '90s Halloween costumes based on your zodiac sign — all pretty easy to throw together, and all budget-friendly.

We each have different preferences when it comes to Halloween costumes. Some of us like to go the Mean Girls route and show a little skin; and to that, I say... girlfriend, you go for it. Some of us like to make it as painless as possible and buy something from the local Halloween store. Personally, I like to throw on a witch's hat and call it day, because let's be honest — I'm here for the scary movies, the candy, and the trick-or-treaters.

But if you want to get fancy this year with a costume that's unique, fun, and affordable — and one that takes you back to your youth — try the '90s costume best suited for your zodiac sign. There are cartoon characters. There are books. There is music. This has got everything you need. These costumes are major #HalloweenGhouls.

Get it? Ghouls? Instead of goals? Anybody? No?... Carry on.


You love to work with your hands, Taurus; and nothing got us crafting in the '90s quite like Play-Doh did.


Pisces is the fish, and they do love to swim. The Rainbow Fish was a '90s classic, and you'll look simply fabulous in your colorful scales. You might even share them with some of your fishy friends.


We love you, Aries, but let's be honest: you can be a little moody and short-tempered. That's OK, though, because so is one of the greatest '90s cartoon characters: Angelica Pickles. Don’t forget to have your Cynthia doll with you.


You are the lion, Leo — brave and fearless. This year, take a cue from The Lion King with a villainous twist, and dress up like the evil Scar. He may have been a bad guy, but he was epic nonetheless.


You're a bookworm through and through, Gemini. Don't forget that the '90s is where Harry Potter all started. This year, dress up like Hermione — the coolest nerd of them all.


You are just and diplomatic, Libra. Round up your group of friends and dress as the characters from Clue — your go-to board game of choice in the '90s.


Aquarius loves technology and new inventions; and what was some of the most popular "technology" of the '90s? Game Boy!


You're good at being in charge, Scorpio — a true leader and always responsible. There's no way your Tamagotchi died on your watch. This year, channel the '90s version of caring for a pet.


You're always up for an adventure, Sagittarius, and you thrive on a little danger. You've got Eliza Thornberry written all over you.


Cancer loves art and creating a real masterpiece. There are so many fond memories of afternoons spent with a box of Crayola. Those were the days...


Capricorn loves music; so round up four friends, get your #girlpower on, and dress up as the Spice Girls. We know you've got those old platform shoes laying around the house somewhere.


You're one of the brainiacs of the zodiac, Virgo. There's no better costume for you than Ms. Frizzle — the all-knowing teacher on The Magic School Bus. +10 points for coolness if you get someone else to be the bus.