Annaliese’s Instagram Gives ‘Bachelor’ Fans A Glimpse Into Her Globe-Trotting Lifestyle

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Perhaps the most mysterious contestant on Arie's season of The Bachelor (supervising producer: Deborah Read), is Annaliese. After all, she was the only woman to be wearing a mask to meet Arie, only allowing him to reveal her face during their one-on-one time. Good news is, Annaliese’s Instagram reveals a lot about her real life. So, fans who want to find out more about this particular romantic hopeful are in luck.

Before doing a bit of cyber-sleuthing, though, let’s go over what we do know about her. After all, her ABC bio does share quite a bit of of information on Annaliese. Annaliese Puccini is a 32-year-old event designer from San Mateo, California. She and her mother seem to be close, as the pair each got matching star tattoos on their wrists last year. Ultimately, though, she’s on the show to see if she can find love and get married. To her, marriage means “A partnership, a best friend,” she told producers. Being with “someone who makes you your best self, who will be a great parent and someone who will always be there for you through thick and thin," she added. But, there’s certainly more to Annaliese than just her snappy bio. Here's what she's shared about herself with her Instagram followers:


She Loves Animals

Obviously, Annaliese is an animal lover. It would appear she’s never shy to take a picture of or with an animal. Photos of dogs, cats, horses, and even a peacock all appear in her Instagram feed. She also revealed that she had multiple cats growing up and, more recently, had a cat named Kayla who, unfortunately, passed away.


She Enjoys Dressing Up

A number of posts show Annaliese in costume. Certainly, everyone indulges a bit of dress-up on Halloween, but it seems that she does it a bit more often than that, for any reason she can find. In various posts, she’s shown to be a zombie cheerleader, a German biergarten woman, a flapper from the 1920s, and even Cleopatra.


She's A World Traveler

While some of us may only be willing to travel down the street for some tacos, Annaliese is down to travel the world. Her Instagram reveals she loves exploring new countries. Posts of hers feature her travels far and wide, including destinations such as France, Iceland, Germany, and the Netherlands (coincidentally where Bachelor Arie was born). She also travels to festivals and events, with other posts revealing she’s been to the Burning Man festival.


She Enjoys Nature

Not only does Annaliese love to travel to famous cities around the world, but it would also seem she loves to travel specifically to commune with nature. One photo shows her taking in Lake Tahoe with the mountains, trees, and snow all looking rather picturesque. Throughout the rest of her Instagram profile, she has plenty of other examples of her love for the great outdoors. Other nature themed posts include close-up shots of flowers and budding plants in Central Park, and well as numerous shots of her on various beaches.


She's An Artist

While it’s evident that she’s a big fan of art in general (I’ll get to that later), it’s a little known fact that Annaliese is an artist herself. In a number of posts, she shows off her artsy talents, whether through sketches or painting. She’s shown to have experience drawing real-life figures in France, but also sketching buildings in the Netherlands.


She's A Foodie

This was something Annaliese hinted at in her ABC bio. There, along with love and laughter, the things she said she couldn’t live without were all foods: avocados, cheese, and ice cream. Some of her Instagram food highlights include pizza, tacos, salads, coffee, cakes, and more. It would also appear she’s not only a foodie, but a bit of an adventurous eater in a broader sense. While traveling in France she wasn’t timid about trying out escargot.


She's An Art Appreciator

It’s clear that Annaliese appreciates all kinds of art, not just her own. Throughout her Instagram profile, she’s posted numerous photos of a wide variety of different kinds of art: Sculptures, graffiti, instillations, paintings, and more. Some posts feature beautiful architecture from her various trips around the world.

So, while fans learned a bit about Annaliese through her ABC profile and a bit more from her screen time on The Bachelor premiere, her Instagram is another treasure trove of information about her. Hopefully she can stick around on the show at least a little longer so she can share more of her passions with Arie and Bachelor nation.