Here’s Why Everyone On Your Snapchat Is Sharing Their 2017 Memories

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Before the year is done — finally, might I add — it can be of benefit to scroll down memory lane. Gawking at pictures from six months ago that some how feel like they were snapped six years ago can conjure a smile at the end of an otherwise brutal year. Snapchat is here to help us remember the positive events from 2017. If you're wondering what are 2017 Snapchat memories, they're basically here to save the day before the year is out.

A lot can happen in 365 days. Triumphant moments like school graduations occur, true love wins as vows are taken under floral arches, and big moves take some from cubicles to corner offices. Whether it was a momentous event or a little inside joke between you and your bestie, there were a lot of good things about 2017. And, thankfully, most of us documented it all. And, even more gratuitously, on Snapchat. Everything from the sandwich stacks we devoured to the hikes we ventured on have been captured and saved in a library for our perusing whenever we need a little lift me up. Snapchat recognizes that memories are special and thanks to ~technology~ they live in the future. Which is to say, we can now revisit them again and again.

The memory feature on Snapchat has been live for well over a year, premiering on one of our favorite social media platforms in 2016. Because the feature is wildly popular within the Snapchat community, our friends at the app decided to put together an end of year treat for every Snapchatter using it. A spokesperson for Snapchat says, "now that Memories has been live for over a year, as a way for Snapchatters to save the moments they want, we’re excited to be able to offer this as a personal and nostalgic 'year in review'." Basically, everything you saved to your memories in 2017 — from the silly, midnight conversations with your best friend to the crystal waters of your tropical vacation — will be pieced together in a nostalgic slideshow just for you.

Our friends at Snapchat go on to elaborate about the memories, "each Snapchatter’s own 2017 Story will include Snaps that are automatically categorized and strung together to tell a fun, fullscreen year-end narrative that’s personal and significant to you. Snapchatters will also have the option to edit their Story and save for themselves, or send to friends." As early as December 27th, you'll be able to open your app and relive the exhilarating moments of 2017. I definitely won't judge if you get a little teary eyed. Who wouldn't seeing all the best parts of their year concentrated into a single story and playing out once again?

To find your personalized and unique Snapchat memories, simply tap on the Memories icon that's located at the bottom of the screen. There, you'll find your 2017 story located at the top of the "ALL" tab. Re-watch your favorite moments, and the moments you might've forgotten about for yourself. If you choose to share all the sandwiches you ate and all the jokes your friends told in 2017 with your friends and family, you can edit your story and then publish.

Before toasting to the unknown ahead, relive the glory days of the past 365 days. There's a whole new year to dive into. And it's sure to be filled with a library of new inside jokes, a bucket list of travel destinations and a trophy case dedicated to new achievements. The 2017 Snapchat memories are here to brighten up the final days of the year. Thank goodness.