What Are All The Face Filters On Instagram?

Courtesy Of Instagram

It's been over six months since Instagram introduced their Stories features and made it honestly difficult to differentiate, at times, between their social media platform and Snapchat. Well, get ready to be confused once again: these are the new Instagram face filters. Apologies to everyone I know on Instagram, this is going to consume me for at least several hours and produce roughly 100 to 400 snaps. I know you're going to watch them all in succession, like true friends would for their loved ones.

In an update being rolled out May 16, the Instagram team introduced the world to a number of platform updates, including customizable hashtag stickers, a "reverse" video feature, an eraser tool, and yes, a new suite of face-altering filters. And I gotta say, the koala ears are so freaking cute!

"Whether you're sitting on the couch at home or out and about, face filters help you express yourself and have playful conversations with friends," wrote the Instagram team. Ugh, you guys are right, it does make conversations more playful!

Available to both iOS and Android users with the latest platform update, the filter button should appear in the bottom left corner automatically when you open the camera.


Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle

Check out the ear fluff.

Math Nerd

Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle

Now you can be your own math meme!

Purple Reign

Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle

Everyone needs a good boa.


Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle

Love a good bunny filter.

Harvest Queen

Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle

Reap what you sow.

Fairy Crown

Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle

A perfect summer lewk.

Ice Princess

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Summer may be on its way, but an icy exterior is always in style.

Bits 'o' Glitter

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If this could be applied IRL, that would be dope.