A 'Catfish' Pair Deals With The Fallout From Their Love Triangle

by Kayla Hawkins

From the beginning, Season 6's Kailani was nothing like the typical Catfish subject. She breaks all the rules, and that makes for a very different episode of Catfish than usual, right down to the way in which "Sam" finds out about the show. By the end of the April 19 episode, Catfish couple Kailani and Sam were no longer talking, let alone in a relationship.

But this hour has more ups and downs than the usual investigation. While MTV presents the show as if the Catfishes don't get notified in advance of Nev and Max's call, I'd assume they do, if only because they never seem that surprised that they've finally been caught. Anyway, in this case, Kailani says she was the first person to tell Sam that she'd contacted MTV, right after she sent the show an email.

Nev may be playing up his surprise to the cameras, but this is a wrinkle the show hasn't dealt with before, and that kicks off what is a pretty atypical episode that ends with Sam, a trans man who was not yet out, and Kailani, a divorcee trying to start over, going their separate ways. Now, months after the episode filmed, it seems like Kailani has taken a hiatus from social media. And Sam doesn't seem to have any public profiles either. However, the "Samuel Ramirez Devecchio" fake profile is no longer active, so it looks like Sam kept his promise that he was going to stop catfishing people. which can only be a good thing. And Kailani seems happy with her new boyfriend at the end of the episode — maybe she's keeping things offline in order to give that new relationship a chance.

However, Kailani's friend Melvin is on social media — he shared some behind-the-scenes photos of filming on his Instagram.

And in a weird coincidence, it looks as though Melvin also has another friend who was on Catfish, Ayissha from Season 4, who knew she was being tricked by her social media pen pal before the episode even started.

And it looks like Melvin has totally rebounded from his one-time dalliance with Sam, or, at least, found someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with. He may have been a minor part of the episode this week, but Melvin is really bringing it when it comes to the post-episode analysis. Because, overall, it seems that Kailani and Sam both decided to move on, both from their relationship, and, seemingly, from having a public life on social media.

Hopefully that means this former Catfish couple are both doing even better now than they were when Nev and Max left them.