What Are McFly Doing Now? Danny's Judging 'The Voice Kids' But He's Not The Only One Doing Cool Stuff

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Who doesn't remember McFly? They are literally an iconic representation of '00s boybands with a little bit of a rock and roll edge. The quartet, made up of Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher, and Harry Judd made a huge splash when they debuted their first song 5 Colours In Her Hair , instantly becoming a fan favourite. They went on to have incredible success, with multiple albums and seven UK number ones under their belts. In recent years they have taken on different projects. So what are McFly doing now?

Super fans have been wondering what exactly is going on with the band since each member seemed to be off doing their own thing. Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna are busy making growing families, and Danny Jones is judging The Voice Kids. So is making music not at the forefront of their minds at this particular moment? It appears that in 2016 the band went on something of a hiatus. According to Metro, Fletcher told fans on Twitter that they hadn't intended it to be as such. "I don’t think any of us wanted to define it as a hiatus," they quote him as saying. "It wasn’t planned, just sort of happened for one reason or another."

In March 2018, Poynter announced he had started a new band called INK, OK! reports. This had some fans low key wishing they would split up for good, just so they wouldn't have to be in this constant limbo of not knowing what the heck is going on with those boys, who haven't released a record since 2010. In that time, they did of course go on tour with Busted — they called themselves McBusted, obviously — releasing an album that peaked at number 9 in the charts.

However, the band took to their Twitter, to assure fans that they are very much still a thing, just that they are taking a step back to concentrate on solo interests.

Now, stick this on and let's see what the gang are up to.

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As mentioned, Jones has recently been chosen to be one of the judges on ITV's The Voice Kids, along with Pixie Lott and Will.I.am. The junior version of The Voice is set to hit screens this July 14 and will continue every night of the next week until the finale on Friday July 20. Music is never far from his mind, with Jones recently revealing to The Sun that he is making his own music. He told the newspaper:

“I’ve been working on new songs for quite some time now and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them. The fans have been so supportive across the world and I’m excited for them all to join me on the next part of my journey.”

He has also been super busy in his personal life, becoming a father for the first time in January 2018, when his wife Georgia gave birth to a baby boy, who they named Cooper.


Fletcher has been very successful as a writer, becoming a best selling children's book author, while also curating a book club at WH Smiths, Hello reports. As well as this, he has recently co-written a book with his wife Giovanna. Along with this, they announced in March 2018 via Instagram that they are expecting a third child, meaning the Fletcher family have a heck of a lot on their plate at the moment!

Judd has also been super busy with his own family, having two children with his wife Izzy after what was a difficult journey for him during his time in the band. Winner of Strictly Come Dancing in 2011, Judd has opened up in recent years about his mental health issues. Speaking to ITV's Lorraine, he shared how fitness has positively helped him.

"[Exercise] massively helped me. It's my version of meditation, it's something you can control. That's what I found really helpful with anxiety, it's something I can control. Get out of the house - releasing stress, releasing the endorphins."

He felt so passionate about how natural highs can help the lows that he wrote a book about how fitness has helped him overcome his demons.

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Poynter has also been a busy boy, making great use of the band's break by actually starting the aforementioned new music project, called INK. He is the only one of the boys yet to start a family but has had some pretty public relationships, including one with pop star Ellie Goulding that ended back in 2016. In June 2018, as GQ reports, he also launched his own clothing line, Polonius.

With the McFly crew all super busy at the moment it doesn't look like that new album is coming any time soon, but with them all developing individually I am sure that when they do reunite, it will be spectacular.