Here's How To Use Morphe's New Makeup Sponges

by Kali Borovic

While the beauty world was focusing on the Bronzed Mocha and Copper Spice Palettes and the KathleenLights restock, Morphe was busy creating something else. The brand silently slipped four new makeup sponges onto their website, and they're shaped, well, rather oddly. What are the new Morphe Makeup Sponges used for, you ask? Here's everything you need to know about the launch.

Beauty sponges are nothing new to the beauty world. From the BeautyBlender to the Real Techniques version, there are tons of options out there. Heck, Morphe even has their Flawless Beauty Sponge that launch in 2016. Their new beauty tools are way different than anything you've ever seen though. There's there Morphe Pro Pro Blender, Stiletto, Stilleto Mini, and the Highlight & Contour Sponge.

The most unconventional, by far, is the Stiletto Sponges. Both the regular and the mini have a long, pointed end and a short, rounded bottom. It doesn't say exactly how to use it on the Morphe website, but Bustle reached out to the brand to confirm. If I had to guess, I would say that it's for baking and blending. Especially since the pointed ends have four flat sides, instead of round ones. It does say on the site that the regular and mini size is for blending though.

Stiletto Beauty Sponge, $7, Morphe Brushes

The other two options are a bit more conventional. The Highlight & Contour Sponge has a round, tapered side just like your traditional beauty tool. On the opposite side is a flat side, which is perfect for contouring. There's even a longer and shorter side, which is perfect for accommodating different face shapes.

Highlight & Contour Sponge, $7, Morphe Brushes

The last in the launch is the Morphe Pro Blender. The use is all in the name. It's a shorter sponge than the original Morphe creation, and has pointy edges. Think the short and fat version of your typical makeup applicator.

Morphe Pro Blender, $7, Morphe Brushes

For $6.99, you really cant beat the price of these sponges. This is the perfect time to try out different launches and not break the bank. You can shop all the beauty tool styles on the Morphe site right now.