157 New Emojis Will Officially Be Released Tomorrow — But There’s A Catch

Chances are good that if you have a smartphone, you use emojis in your every day life - after all, research has shown that about 92 percent of consumers do. It's almost impossible not to use, and love, emojis: they're strangely adorable, they make a description of just about anything more colorful and exciting, and, well, they're just fun. But one thing is for sure: no matter how many emojis are available, it always seems like something important is missing. Remember how long it took the creators to add different skin tones? Do you realize that it's been years, and there is still no redhead emoji person?! Good news for all of the redheads out there: the new emojis for 2018 have finally been confirmed for official release on Jun. 5, and they include some seriously amazing options that are worth getting excited about.

According to Unicode, Emoji's 11.0 update will technically be available starting Tues., Jun. 5, but you shouldn't expect to see them the moment you wake up on Tuesday. First, you'll need to get the update on your phone and then download it — and second, you also may need to be patient as different mobile systems can take some time to push out the update to all users. As Business Insider pointed out, "Some platforms, like Twitter, have historically done that very quickly, while Android and Apple devices have waited longer to fold the emoji into broader operating-system updates."

In the meantime, though, you can get excited for what's to come by checking out some of the most important new emojis you'll be able to use very soon. In total, there are 157 new emojis to go through, but as usual, some are a little better than others. Below is a look at some of the best new emojis being released.



Finally, after all this time, a red hair option will be available for Emojis. It took them long enough!


Curly Hair

And also finally, curly hair will be an option as well. It's so important for Emoji to recognize all different hair types rather than the straight option that has been available up until now.


White Hair

For those rocking the white hair trend, there's now going to be an option for that color as well, meaning you don't always have to go the grandma emoji route.


Bald Head

And if you have no hair at all, there's now going to be an emoji for you as well.



You can now show off how hot you'll be this summer in emoji form. Perfect timing!



You can also show how cold you'll be in your frigid air conditioned office space.



OK, so this doesn't look like the perfect bagel, but hey: at least there is now a bagel emoji!



How was there never a cupcake emoji before?! This is a big moment for desserts.


Leafy Greens

If you've ever wondered why there is no lettuce emoji, just a salad (I have!), now you've got one.


Hiking Boot

Finally, the emoji app is acknowledging that people wear more than just sneakers.



Even better, they are acknowledging that women wear more than just heels with these comfy-looking flat shoe emojis.



You probably don't have a real reason to use a peacock emoji very often, but who cares? This one is weirdly aesthetically pleasing.



It seems crazy that there are wild animal emojis, but no common raccoon emoji. Well, now there is!



Another common animal that deserved emoji representation: the swan. Justice!


Party Face

Am I the only one who thought this emoji was there all along?



There is finally a superhero emoji, and even better, it isn't just for a man!



If you prefer evil over good, there's even a supervillain option as well.



You probably didn't know you needed an emoji of a bar of soap until just now, am I right?



You can now illustrate the cleaning process through emojis, which is something I personally did not know I wanted until I saw this tiny sponge.



Look at that little tooth! And that little bone. They're weirdly adorable!


These are just a sample of the new emojis. See all 157 in this video from Emojipedia: