These Are The Kylie Shop NYC Hours

It's that time again: the Kylie Jenner brand is coming for people live in New York City, at a Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shop opening Feb. 13. Excellent news for anyone whose first love is a Lip Kit from the brand, or for S.O.s trying to truly impress their lovers with that Jenner merch. What are Kylie Jenner NYC pop up shop hours? Here's how long you'll have to grab the goods — although in light of what we know, maybe err on the side of getting there, oh, twelve hours early.

According to the brand's press release, the Kylie Cosmetics pop up shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., daily from Feb. 13 until supplies run dry. Coming to 27 Mercer St. in Soho, the store will feature exclusive Jenner merchandise, the entire Valentine's Day collection, the beloved lip kit wall from her first pop up in California, and her limited edition birthday and holiday collections "that you can't buy anywhere else." Also look out for Jenner's new Thick! athleisure merch, and especially the Kris Jenner-giving-the-middle-finger t-shirt.

For East Coast fans who couldn't make it to the California pop up, Jenner "handpicked this location after touring many spots in and around NYC," according to a press release. Soho is already a shopping mecca, so expect mammoth crowds on Feb. 13. On the plus side, the city that never sleeps will be ready for line-goers' crack of dawn coffee needs.

I'm calling this Kris Jenner tee as the brand's next "Like, Realizing Things" favorite. Iconic.

Then again, the Thick! sports bras are beyond good, too. So far we've seen pink, black and yellow variations, and most sweatsuit components.

But why choose? No limit on love, that's the Valentine's Day spirit. Credit card limits: another story entirely.