Celebs Are Wearing "Times Up x 2" Bracelets At The Golden Globes & Here's What They Mean

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One of the biggest questions going into the 2019 Golden Globes was how, exactly, would Hollywood and scores of celebs show their support for the ever-important Time's Up movement (and beyond) through fashion and accessories. At the 2019 Golden Globes, celebs wore "Time's Up x 2" bracelets and ribbons with their couture and luxe ensembles. The black and white rubber bracelets and delicate ribbons were incredibly simple yet still wholly effective.

These accoutrements are certainly akin to activism. They get the point across and demonstrate that the entertainment industry remains firmly committed to this cause — and to enacting change.

"Time's Up x 2" translates to "Times Up Times Two." It's not simply a reference to fact that it's the second year in a row that the Hollywood elite is loudly and proudly standing up against the lack of gender equality, against discrimination, and against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Rather, the "Time's Up x 2" sentiment has an even deeper meaning.

The movement wants to #DoubleTheNumber of women in leadership roles and across other spaces where women are under-represented. Indeed, that sounds like a plan.

Entertainment Tonight also reports that this year's accessory was once again designed by Nocturnal Animals costume designer/stylist Arianne Phillips. Remember, Phillips created the "Time's Up" lapel pins that celebs wore at the 2018 Golden Globes.

Phillips even shared a sneak peek of each of the ribbon color options on her Instagram ahead of the ceremony.

This clip says it all.

At the 2018 Golden Globes, celebs also showed their solidarity through fashion. They stood up for equality for women and displayed support for those who have dealt with and survived sexual harassment in the workplace by wearing all black on the red carpet.

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The ribbon is the best accessory than any actor, star, comedian, or celeb could wear with their 2019 Golden Globes ensemble. You can see it in action on actor Rachel Brosnahan's wrist.

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The bracelets go with EVERYTHING, like Isan Elba's black and sparkly dress. They are a wonderful way that fashion can serve as an agent of change since they offer a visible and tangible way to express support for survivors. They also push for progress. The bracelets also send the message that the Time's Up movement is not lessening nor is it going away. In fact, it's only gaining more momentum.

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Nothing goes better with a classic black and white tux, complete with a bow tie, than a black and white Time's Up bracelet. Globes' co-host Andy Samberg rocked his while on the red carpet.

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It's true that some critics might wonder if Hollywood has done enough to address issues that have plagued the entertainment biz for years. They might wonder if accessories are enough or if they make a memorable impact.

But think of it this way: The continued visibility of Time's Up accessories attracts attention and reminds us that people are putting time and effort into eradicating inequality and harassment on a daily basis. Celebrities and those who work in the business are maintaining their commitment to this cause. It's a dose of visibility and solidarity during one of Hollywood's biggest nights.