Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Dyes Are Literally A Rainbow

Unicorn beauty is going beyond the Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow highlighter, which smells like vanilla, or the brand's Magic Wand makeup brush set with unicorn horn handles. You can now get unicorn hair with Lime Crime's hair dyes, which are semi-permanent and stunning AF. A jar of Lime Crime Unicorn Hair costs $16 and these are shades that are not found in nature nor do they line the shelves at your local drugstore. These are unique and they are everything. What colors are the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair dyes?

It's a whimsical, magical rainbow of colors. There are 13 vegan and cruelty-free colors. Some have names that pretty much announce what the shade is, such as Chocolate Cherry, Strawberry Jam, Dirty Mermaid (that's muted seafoam green, yo!), and Neon Peach. Other sassy names aren't quite as revelatory; there's Sext, which is a nude mauve, and Anime, which is Candy Blue. There is also Jello, which is a tropical green, and Gargoyle — a stone grey.

Besides 13 hues, Unicorn Hair comes in two formulas. There is "Full Coverage," which is mega pigmented, more saturated, and ideal for blondes, both bleached and platinum. There is "Tint," which is more sheer and creates a pastel result on blondes.

But what about brunettes? Don't worry — Lime Crime's got you. In the FAQ, the brand notes that Unicorn Hair is more of a "tint" on darker locks. They recommend Full Coverage colors like Chocolate Cherry, Gargoyle, Blue Smoke, Leeloo, Jello, Pony, and Anime for darker, unbleached hair.

The brand also states that the color is designed to fade gracefully and yes, you can mix colors for your own custom shade. To that, I scream, "Yaaaaas!"

This is Bunny and she's a baby pink beauty. I highly recommend reading the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair FAQ. The brand essentially answers every question you might have about its crazy cool hair color product.

This is Blue Smoke. Don't you want to dive right in and emerge with gorg unicorn strands?