What Colors Are Make Up Geek Foiled Lip Glosses? These Babies Are Super Pigmented — PHOTO

The velvety matte texture has been reigning supreme when it comes to lips but the metallic, foiled trend, which is equally as rich when it comes to color payoff, is not to be ignored. Make Up Geek Foiled Lip Glosses have landed and just like the brand's much-loved Foiled Eyeshadows, these lippies offer a mirror-like finish and intense pigmentation. The Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Glosses are available as of Thursday, Feb. 16. What colors are the new Foiled glosses?

Well, the brand posted a fun Instagram video where the shades reveal themselves via the tubes, which start out as matte black and then morph into the color inside the tube. Cool!

There are 10 colors total and they come in wine shades, berry shades, pink shades, and nude shades in this range. Yes, the colors are pretty standard and wearable, but it's the depth of the color that makes them stand out from regular ol' lipstick.

If you're all about metallic, foiled-look lips, then you can hit the Makeup Geek site and stock up.

Below is the brand's official Instagram post touting the colors and their general awesomeness. You might find yourself saying "#ByeMoney" and wanting to complete the entire set once you get a look at the color spectrum.

A metallic lip gloss like this is an instant dose of glam. Leave your entire face and eyes bare and add two slicks of any of these shades and you will be good to go!

Images: Makeup Geek Cosmetics/Instagram (1)