Morphe's Matte Lippie Collection Is Extensive

Liquid lipsticks are having a moment. An extended moment. A particularly matte moment. And now, a Morphe Moment. Liquid lippies in the richly pigmented, velvety matte texture are here to stay! The trend isn't boarding the beauty train and bolting anytime soon. Morphe's Matte Liquid Lipsticks are launching on Friday, Jan. 20. That's one day after Urban Decay's Vice Liquid Lipsticks dropped in Comfort Matte and Metallized finishes and amid Kat Von D's Everlasting expansion that includes 25 additional shades of her signature "stays put" formula. That's all the proof you need that matte mouths will be a trend lasting deep into 2017.

The Morphe liquid lippies are $12.99 a tube and are shoppable online and in stores. So, what colors are the Morphe lippies?

I am so glad you asked. There are a whopping 22 (!!!) hues to choose from. There are outrageous and daring shades, as well as wearable neutrals suitable for all scenarios. There's a coblat blue called "Gypsy," a royal purple christened "Kamikaze," a Bordeaux dubbed "Bloodshot," pinky nude named "Vanity," and a brick brown labeled "Jealousy."

So Morphe is peddling stunning shades with sassy names. Those are two "dos" when it comes to matte liquid lippies.

Observe that shade range below.

Check out that formation and that color selection. There is no way you can scan this set of shades and not find something suitable for your pout.

The caption reveals the launch date, which is critical intel for liquid lip addicts and matte obsessives.

Which is your favorite of the 22 hues? Which one have you fallen mattely and deeply in love with? Vanity and School Girl have caught my eye.

Given the plethora of matte liquid lip options, the Morphes offer a buff color selection and an attractive price. As someone who has tested tons of matte lippies, I certainly love Kylie Lip Kits, Kat Von D Everlastings, Too Faced Melted Mattes, and Stila Matte-ificent.

But I am certainly down to swipe some Morphes on my mouth.

Images: Morphe Cosmetics/Instagram (2)