Urban Decay's Vice Topcoats Will Give Life To Lips

While the matte texture remains a huge trend with lips in 2017, the prismatic trend, which can extend to eyes, face, and lips, is also massive. Urban Decay's latest innovation is a take on the prismatic lip trend. The brand is launching its Vice Special Effects Liquid Lip Topcoats, which is long-lasting and water-resistant, in addition to being super transformative. It's a literal makeup magic wand, since it can change the look of your lips with one swipe. UD's Vice Special Effects Topcoats are like Kat Von D's Alchemist Palette or BECCA's Prismatic Amethyst highlighter, due to the fact that it can top your favorite lipstick or bare lips for a BOOM!, 3-D effect.

Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Topcoat, $18, Sephora

So, what colors are the Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Topcoats?

They come in several shades and finishes and can take your pout to a whole other level. They also help you get even more out of your lipsticks, because they help 'em to morph and shade-shift.

In a post on Urban Decay founder Wende Zomnir's personal Instagram, she noted that there are metallics, iridescents, and sparkles. Those are all good things for your pucker.

Are you ready to see the shades? Get ready, because these are dripping with prismatic sparkle.

Yep, the Vice Special Effects Topcoat falls flawlessly in line with the prismatic, 3-D effect that's so big in beauty right now. As you can see, there is a purple x blue, violet, silver, blue, and green shade. We're getting jewel tones and tons of sparkle. Like more sparkle then Edward Cullen. Your pucker will shine bright… like a diamond.

Zomnir and UD didn’t share when these Topcoats are out, where they will be available, if there are even more shades, or what they will cost yet, but who cares! The ones we have seen are enough to magnetically pull us in. The Topcoats will likely retail at the UD site and Sephora, Ulta, or both.

Many Beauty Junkies are stilling processing and playing with the new Vice Liquid Lipsticks from Urban Decay. The brand launched 30 shades in Metallic and Comfort Matte formulas earlier this year. The Vice Liquid Lippies are amazing and will be amazing-er when you add a swipe of the new topcoat.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick, $18, Sephora

Are you already thinking about ways to mix and match the Vice Special Effects Topcoat with the Vice liquids or bullet lipsticks?!

Images: Wende Zomnir/Instagram (2); Urban Decay/Instagram (2)